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Command Marshal General Dianne C. Budagher

9161      Unless you decided to do like I do and read the END of the book first, you are finally here.  WHEW!  What a book!
9162      I met Bobby Farrell in May of 1987.  The night was a sort of celebration for my boyfriend (who later became my husband), son, and I to go out to dinner to celebrate the end of the school term that year.
9163      We had decided to go to an oriental restaurant where a friend of mine had been playing the music for entertainment.  This friend and I had done some music at the University of New Mexico whenever we got the chance.  That evening he asked me to join him in a song or two, which I did.  As a consequence, Bobby purchased a round of drinks for us and when we went over to thank him, he gave me his card.  He said that he had gotten in some new recording equipment and needed to shake it down and was willing to record some demos for free.
9164      To any musician, this is great news and I was no exception.  Little did I know what the impact would mean to me and to my future.
9165      The next week I called Bobby and mentioned that I would like to take him up on his offer but I had a bit of concern because my son was very young at the time and had to arrange the time when I could find a babysitter.  Sometimes that was hard to do because students don't have a lot of extra funds for things like babysitters.  Bobby said to bring him along and said that he'd have a hell of a time playing in the yard with his beautiful golden retriever Lee Lee (Queen Leah of the Golden Nile).
9166      I remember the night was a Friday, and when we got there, Bobby introduced me to his new equipment, walls full of gold records, and the piles of stuff that goes with other stuff.  What an experience that was.  I'd never seen a real gold record and there were walls full of them.  Not ever having seen studio equipment before, his 20-Channel board was so big and I wondered what one did with all those thousand knobs and "switchy thingys."  The piles of "stuff that goes with other stuff" are entirely another issue, and anyone who knows Bobby will certainly get a chuckle.
9167      Anyway, Bobby started explaining how the Music Industry worked.  I was mind-blown because the information he was teaching and explaining busted all my delusions of how I thought the industry worked.  Yet he provided me with instruction that clearly made sense.  Of course, the information was a bit hard to take, especially with the way Bobby talked.  Bobby's manner of speech is very strong and there were things I simply was not accustomed to hearing them the way he put them.
9168      I was one of them there "Born Again Christians" and of course my speech was riddled with things that contained the words "I believe."
9169      I am a smoker and at one point of lighting up the next cigarette Bobby asked me a very simple question, "If you let go of that lighter, what will happen?"
9170      I replied, "It'll fall."
9171      Then he asked, "Do you know that or do you believe that (fall, that is)?"
9172      Without hesitation I said, "I know it will."
9173      Then he asked, "Do you know where it will fall?"
9174      Again, without hesitation, I promptly replied, "No."
9175      Then he asked, "Do you think you will see sun shine tomorrow?"
9176      Not realizing much at this point in time I quickly said, "Yes."  It was a bit of a trick question and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  Bobby explained that the truth of the matter is that we "believe" we'll see the sun shine tomorrow.  We truly do not know for a fact that we will.  However, based on the fact we've seen sunshine in days before, we can reasonably assume that we will tomorrow.  Bobby explained that this reasonable assumption was 'belief' and is testable or confirmable when tomorrow comes and is changed from 'belief' to 'knowledge'.
9177      What a simple truth.  It was beginning to dawn on me there is a difference between 'Belief' and 'Knowledge'.
9178      At the point of taking a break from the lesson on belief and how the music industry really worked, we got ready to eat and started talking about Religion.  As I mentioned earlier, I was one of them "Born Again Christians" and I was very acquainted with the Bible.  I had read it through and through and had done so many times.  In fact, I had been ordained as a minister.  And still, through all the reading and research, I always felt that IF you could KNOW that 2 + 2 = 4, how come you could only BELIEVE in God?  I had all those types of questions and never had a satisfactory answer either from my own research or from all those many people I talked to.
9179      At some point during that conversation we discussed the term "Anointed."  Of course I was familiar with the guy that, at the time, I referred to as Jesus was an Anointed.  Immediately Bobby corrected me and said that there was no such person called "Jesus" and explained all the reasons why.  I was scared of what and how Bobby said what he said regarding this issue.  He spoke with such an incredible knowledge, authority, and clarity; I had to listen through my fear.
9180      As a catholic (I grew up that way), I remember singing songs that contained the word "Immanuel" in them.  And, I knew that the prophet had said (Isaiah Chapter 7:14) that the name was to be "Immanuel."  I had wondered about this in the course of my studies, but it was mind-boggling to hear it in the way that I did.
9181      I knew there must be and must have been other Anointeds because of my research and study.  I asked Bobby the question, "Do you know who is the Anointed of this generation?"
9182      Without hesitation and absolutely emphatically Bobby said, "I am!"
9183      Needless to say, I was absolutely mind-blown and didn't know what to think or how.  I will never forget when he said "I am" and can still hear it ringing and reverberating in my soul like it just happened even though it was many years ago.  To be sure, I had thoughts of 'false prophet' rotating in my mind and all the but, but, but . . . questions.
9184      We kept on talking about things of both a music business nature and religion.  With the mind-boggled state that I was in, I don't know how capable I was of paying attention.  Here I was, talking to a guy by the name of Bobby Farrell who knew how the Music Business worked forwards and backwards and he also claimed to be the Anointed of this generation.
9185      Somehow I managed to formulate a question that I had problems with as a Christian regarding the "judge not lest ye be judged" scripture that so many preachers preach many a sermon on and I never had a satisfactory answer to.  I asked Bobby about it.
9186      Bobby said, "That's simple, you can and must judge that which you know and you cannot judge that which you don't."
9187      Bam just like that.  I had an incredibly simple answer to a very troublesome question and the light bulb was lighting.  After that, I could have asked a thousand questions, but it was getting late.
9188      That night before we left, Bobby gave both of us a copy of some of the information that is now contained in this AED.  Mine was contained in an orange binder which I still have and keep it as one of my most treasured books.  It was a photocopy that had been copied and re-copied.  Some of the words were barely readable.  I'm sure that many of you are familiar with the generation loss that takes place when making copies of copies.  Nevertheless, I could hardly wait to get into doing the reading, and yet I was somewhat scared (terrified is more like it) about what I'd find.
9189      One of the last things that I remember Bobby telling me to do that night was to replace the words in the Bible:  "faith" with "vision" and "belief" with "knowledge" and "Jesus Christ" with "I am conscious."  What a mind-boggling and incredible instruction that was.  It was what I wanted because I knew that where there is no vision the people perish (Proverbs 29:18) and I know that it is for a lack of knowledge the people perish (Hosea 4:6).
9190      When we got in the car and while we were driving home, in the back of my mind was a Christian song that I knew called, "Lord, Liar, or Lunatic" and a book I had read entitled, "More than a Carpenter" by Josh McDowell.
9191      My boyfriend and I talked about the evening.  I mentioned how mind-boggled I was and I referred to the song and book mentioned above.  In the back of my mind were the false prophet scriptures, but this guy told me things that were things that I could figure out for myself.  He made sense.  He explained something that had been troublesome for years in such a simple manner that I knew he was worth paying more attention to if only to test myself and my system of beliefs.  One thing for sure is that there was not any Lie in anything that Bobby said.
9192      Then I went on to the Lunatic part.  One of the subjects that I was studying at the time was psychology.  There was nothing that Bobby exhibited that I found was lunacy, crazy, or any other psychological problem.  The fact was Bobby said more things that I found were sane.  Ok, so it was weird in the way that he told me.  In any case, my boyfriend and I jumped back and forth in our discussions about these things all the way home.
9193      The only part left was the "Lord" part.  Make no mistake, it was a difficult issue for me to reconcile at that time.  It dawned on me that I really didn't have a clue as to what or how an Anointed would speak and how they would say what they would say if I were standing next to one.  I thought about what Noah, Abraham, or the guy I still wrongly called Jesus would say, and how they would say it, if they were here, in this present, using language of today.
9194      I also wondered if I lived during the time of Noah.  Would I have recognized that Noah was the Anointed of his generation?  Noah must have seemed to all like he was a Liar.  If he had told me that there would be rains for 40 days and 40 nights, would I have believed him?  While it doesn't say in the Bible how long it took Noah to build the Ark, there are other sacred documents that say it took over 100 years to grow the trees that he used.  So here we have a guy saying that it would rain 40 days and 40 nights, waiting for the trees to grow over 100 years, then building this thing called an Ark.  He would have seemed to all to look like a Liar and a Lunatic.  Not many people did believe him.  I don't think I would have.  But, my belief wouldn't change that fact that he was the Anointed of his generation.
9195      There were a lot of people who seriously enjoyed what Immanuel had to say in his time.  There is no denying that.  But there were also a lot of people who didn't accept everything hook, line, and sinker.  Israel was under Roman occupation at the time.  Immanuel had the ability to instantly heal.  If people had accepted Immanuel hook, line, and sinker, the Israelites would have been able to overthrow the Roman occupation.  With Immanuel able to heal, casualties would have been nonexistent.  What a skill to have in a war scenario no death of troops.
9196      I might have liked to hear what Immanuel said.  I might have tried to seek him out whenever he came to town.  But, would I have really believed that he was the Anointed?  I would like to think I would be counted in his numbers.  The truth is, I honestly don't know.  Immanuel went against the grain in a lot of things.  He was always calling the leaders into account and he used strong words to do it with.
9197      I thought about what really might have happened when he wrecked the temple like it says in Matt 21:12.  Overturning tables and seats weren't exactly a turn-the-other-cheek, limp wrist, and/or gentle kind of thing when you really think about it.  "Roadhouse" (movie starring Patrick Swayze) comes to mind when I think of how he might have cast out all those who were buying and selling in the temple.
9198      In the Bible, Immanuel is credited with saying (Matthew 7:21-23), "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord', will enter the Kingdom of Heaven; but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven.  Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?' And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.' (NASB) In other scriptures it says, 'you workers of iniquity' (Luke 13:27)."
9199      This passage of scripture is, of course, an oft-taught Sunday Sermon.  Since it is so oft-taught, it must have been because the congregation 'didn't get it', me included.  Isn't that the reason we're told things over and over again?  Okay, so this was another that seriously bothered me.  I figured that I better learn what it was that I was doing because I seriously wanted to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but I knew that I had to do the will of God in order to get there.  I must not be doing the will of God correctly because of the lecture again and again.  I kept asking the preachers for additional information.  They all gave me the same answers but they were not satisfying.
9200      When I finally got home that night, I got my Bible and the copy of the AED that Bobby had given me and dove into the reading.  I read until I was unable to stay awake any longer.  I don't remember how long I had done this.  I just remember that it was daylight when I dozed.
9201      When I woke, I took care of the things that I needed to and got right back into the reading.  I bounced back and forth from the AED to the Bible.  I thought of questions and now had answers.  I began to test within myself the things that I 'Believed' and what I 'Knew'.  It was a mind-boggling and yet, mind-clearing time for me.
9202      When I telephoned and got through the busy signals, Bobby and I talked.  We talked about Music and Religion.  We also set up another Friday night when we could get together.  At our next meeting, we did some music and had some cold cuts for dinner.  The most important thing I remember about that second time was when Bobby made the statement that he would teach me anything and everything that he knows if I would take the time to learn.  I asked if he promised to do so and he confirmed that he would.  I specifically remember saying that I would take him to task.  And I have.
9203      I told my boyfriend that I was going to figure this thing out and when I did, I was going to become a Pathfinder.  I had made a decision that if Bobby was correct and I didn't do these things, my God was going to judge me and I would end up in hell.  I had also made the decision that even if Bobby was wrong, I was going to get into this angle of religion.  It made more sense to me than anything else that I had ever known.  I had also decided to do so even if it meant hell for me should it be the case that Bobby was one of the "false prophets" spoken of in the Bible because Bobby had more answers that made sense than anyone I had ever experienced.  None of the preachers ever had the answers that even came close to what Bobby taught.
9204      I made up my mind that I was going to do this for my life with or without my boyfriend.  I knew that religion is a major source of conflict between people in marriage.  My boyfriend and I had discussed marriage and were planning it in our future.  If this Pathfinder thing was going to be a problem for him, I knew that we had to end our relationship because a marriage would not work unless we were on the same page.  It was comforting to me when he said that he was interested in becoming a Pathfinder too and that we would continue to figure it out together.
9205      Well, my decision was made and I had my boyfriend's support to work this thing through.  By this time, I had read about the Proof and had done so many times.  I really had a hard time figuring out what my offering would be.  Bobby and I had many discussions about this issue.  I was concerned that it would be wrong, unacceptable, or that the Most High wouldn't respond because of something terrible that I had done in the past and it wouldn't work for me.  I knew that I wanted to take the Proof and was going to whether it worked or not and then ask Bobby to help me if it didn't.  I had also decided that whether the Proof worked for me or not, I was going to be a Pathfinder and make it a way of life.
9206      It really wasn't very long in terms of time that I figured out what my offering was to be, and so I got everything all together and just did it.  I remember that when my tongue touched the envelope, I had my answer the first time around.
9207      It is now the year 2004.  I am not a believer, follower, or a Bobby praiser like the Christians do with their nonexistent Jesus.  In short, I am a Proven Knower.
9208      If you are sincere in wanting to KNOW things, you'll do as the instructions suggest and read this book again and again.  When you do, you'll surely discover things that weren't there the first time around.  By the way, that happens to the rest of us too.  You'll continue to learn from this book and like most of us, you'll swear a 'something' wasn't there before.
9209      Of course, there are going to be those that will read this AED and will say, "So what's the Big Deal?"  Oh, well.  You're entitled to do what you're going to do Best of luck to you in "That Day."
9210      Nevertheless, I know how fortunate I am to be able to sit and learn with Bobby.  For years now, he's called me up first thing in the morning.  The conversations are what we call COW's Councils of War.  Bobby and I discuss things and stuff that goes with other stuff.  Our conversations are often prophetic.  We've always known these things would happen and have told many others.  There are times we've told people a something was going to happen and it has taken years for the evidence of it.
9211      Sometimes the conversations involve things that are often hard to explain.  For those of you who have out-of-body experiences, you know how difficult it is to explain it to someone who has not had one.  Sometimes Bobby tells me what is happening in front of The Veil.  Some of those descriptions are awesome and wonderful.  Sometimes he tells me of things that are downright horrifying and terrifying.  I think my favorites are when he tells me what is happening with the other three Horsemen (Hammerlin, Immanuel, and Horus).  I love the COW's, stories, updates, and reports.
9212      In any case, I know what has gone into this great document because I've been there to experience it and have been involved with it myself since becoming a P.K. I know what happened and how it happened.  I have witnessed firsthand all the efforts and all the stonewalling!
9213      I have witnessed firsthand the political, spiritual, and other corrupters' contemptible deeds.  I know how our political leaders break their oaths of office.  I know how my money is extorted to pay for things that perpetuate the hidden agenda of the One World Government.  I was one lied to by my religious leaders.  I remember they said they were going to do one thing with the money given in tithes and offerings, and didn't.
9214      I know how our food is ruined and it is poisoning us with hydrogenated oil, hybrid and genetically altered food, aspartame, and MSG.  Foods with Sulfites and Nitrates often do a similar thing as MSG to many people who suffer from the harmful effects of MSG.  MSG, Sulfites and Nitrates are poisons that harm many people and there isn't very much legitimate information regarding what to do and how to deal with it once it is in a body to remove its painful effects.  There are those who suffer tremendously as a consequence and have painful reactions now to anything that contains soy.  It is because of the Sulfites and Nitrates that many people cannot drink wine.
9215      I know how our educational system is polluting the minds of our children.  I studied to be a teacher and know how the methods work.  The methods are designed to teach children what to think and not how.  When I figured that out, teaching in a public school system wasn't for me.
9216      I know how our government is evil in its claims, efforts, and deeds.  I'm a taxpayer and my money too is used wrongly.  I keep thinking that one day I would like to write a book called, "I want my penny back."  Maybe one of these days I will.
9217      I know that we've been lied to.  We've been lied to about the tragedy of September 11th.  The war in Iraq was built on one lie after another.  The money the war criminals are making is one penny at a time.  I know their thievery and the list goes on and on.
9218      We've got Liars lying about Liars.  The 2004 Presidential Election between Kerry v Bush is a prime example.  It is a typical liar-lying-liar scenario.  Bush and Kerry are Liars and they are lying about each other.  Both are Evil.  One will win.  The media is pretty darned good at perpetuating the liar-lying-liar scenario too.
9219      I know how our minds are overtaxed.  I know how we are overstressed.  All of which is designed to keep us from being able to do something or anything that we would like to be doing.  For example, Spam and Computer Viruses are a big problem to a lot of people these days, me included.  It takes time to learn how to deal with the situation.  People spend hours doing research.  They spend money to purchase the books and the various programs (and are forced to keep purchasing them because of continual changes) necessary to deal with the problem.  It isn't a case that it is hard to deal with it, but it takes time and money that could be spent elsewhere.  The spam problem is a time thief.
9220      For years, I have listened to radio personalities and read the books of many authors who expose such atrocities.  While these personalities may be correct and right in their information, NONE of them have a viable solution to the problem.  We know and we're educated.  Read their works, listen to them and you too will notice they have no viable solution.  One of these days (if the end of the world doesn't happen first and I live long enough), I'll finish my bibliography and make it and my list of best books available to all.
9221      Until this AED, we were a hopeless people as a consequence.  Of course, there cannot be a solution separate from the Most High and His Holy Laws, and this AED provides that information and how it works in this time.
9222      I don't have any delusions that not all people will turn to the Most High.  That will be their problem to deal with and they will spend eternity where they should as a consequence.  I have no delusions that the manipulators and corrupters will change their ways because they will not.  The good news is that they don't get to come back, they will burn forever, and that is a Just Punishment.  I have no delusions that many will turn to the Most High and then will fall away because of their own thinking, and that will even include those who take the Proof and get an affirmative Woe to them for doing so!
9223      However, for those who will stay the course, we can make a difference and change this contemptible world we live in.  The ONLY way it can work; the ONLY way that it MUST work; the ONLY way that it WILL work is to Keep, Guard, Live, Breathe, Do, HOLY LAW as the words of the Most High tell us.  Learn from the Anointed of this Generation and from His Teachers and Priests.
9224      There will be many things that you will have to de-program yourself from be about that business always.  We ALL have it and we ALL have to work to undo it.  The programming is deep and it is profoundly done.
9225      Carry out ALL Direct Orders.  In That Day and in that time when you have to answer for yourself, you and you alone, are responsible for your own soul.
9226      Learn the Mysteries of the Most High and teach them to your children.  It will not do your soul any good to think that you may save yourself knowing that your children will not be able to survive the horrors to come if you don't.
9227      Be an example and never hesitate to call wrongful things by anyone into account.  At all times, practice and 'do'.  You cannot wait until any circumstance hits you before you decide to act.  Learn to think and be responsible for your actions.  Don't wait for the Anointed or the Proven Knowers to call a politician, preacher, etc., into account.  Learn how to do it for yourself and then DO IT!  But, don't go out doing anything halfcocked!  Don't go out and create other problems for yourself or anyone else.  Don't expect the Anointed or His Teachers and Priests to bail you out if you do.
9228      We have hope, granted it isn't much, but we do have hope that we can change the direction of our future.  It will take much to do, but it can be done.
9229      There is also something else that you should know.  I will be a testimony against ALL Pathfinders and Proven Knowers should they NOT follow the law regarding Tithes and Offerings!  There are those who have not followed this law.  Make no mistake.  I have been there when people wanted to learn, study, or get something done.  All takes the precious time and resources of the Anointed and of the Corps.  I know what is and was required.  I know when the Pathfinders and Proven Knowers have asked for something and it didn't happen because of the lack of resources.  But I also know the law and I know those who did way more than their fair share.  I know the problems that were created as a result of the Pathfinders and Proven Knowers who did not follow and obey The Law!  Know this I will be one to testify against you in that day and in that time!  AND I WILL!  Remember, I'll live through it too.  I have witnessed this and my Judgment is True!
9230      I remember from the early days of being a P.K. when Bobby told me there would be many things that I wouldn't like.  He also told me that he didn't like them either.  He never said things were going to be easy.  In fact, he said there were going to be things that were damned hard.  The one thing that I did like being told was that being a P.K. was an adventure in learning for a lifetime.  It has given me the freedom to think and the freedom from guilt to do so.  It has been that great adventure, and so I will continue.
9231      Lastly, while being a Pathfinder or a Proven Knower may be an adventure for a lifetime for those who stay the course, it will take Honor, Integrity, and Courage to Stand Up and Be Counted in these things.  Be not a betrayer and ashamed for such like Peter, who denied knowing Immanuel in that time!  The time is now and there is an Eternity to live with your Regrets and Guilt for not doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  Do not be one of those who will wish for an opportunity to come back and 'tell' anyone, everyone, etc., because you will not be able to.  In this matter and on That Day, no Pathfinder or Proven Knower needs to be a Testimony against you.  You'll do it all by yourself!

9232      Salumniah!

Command Marshal General D. Chylon Budagher,
Chief of Staff,
Chief, Grand Council of Gnostics, 2005-2010/2010-2015.

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