Chapter Seventeen Fall Of The United States!

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1982      ""Behold!  The Daughters of Elisha are without evil, without vanity, and are unimpressed with silly women and crowing men.  They are the Dread of Night and the Horror of Day unto all who practice iniquity or abuse, for in the night their souls are constantly in account before My Beloved Elisha, and in the day their souls are constantly in account against all manner of evil and the sources thereof.
1983      ""Therefore, offend any in the sight or learning of any Daughter of Elisha at your own eternal peril, for they are without mercy in the face of evil.""


1984      Friday, April 2nd, 1965 (GCAD).  It was dark, and the Sabbath meal was offered before the Altar of The Most High.  The chants and prayers had been performed and the tithes, gifts and requests had been placed in accordance with Holy Law.  Incense burned constantly.  Aku was standing before the altar, near to the seat of mercy, when he was suddenly knocked to his knees, and fell forward on his face, unable to move.  Instantly he was up in the spirit.
1985 About him there were neither preparations nor the altar he had built for the Sabbath, nor the offering of the gifts and requests.
1986      He saw a great pit before him, and from the pall of smoke and fire came the cries of many people being tortured.  Their screams rose up out of the pall and fell back again as mental daggers and arrow points to continually afflict those who were in torment.  Their cries for mercy and rescue went unheeded.  It was plain that no Servant of The Most High even took notice to listen.
1987      Above him there came a voice like that of soft thunder, gentle, yet firm, and he recognized The Voice as that of The Most High Lord of Spirits.
1988      ""Son of Man, Aku, My Own Anointed, Holy One of Israel, Holy Son of Ishmael:  hear this that I shall speak to you, and keep it close to your innermost heart, that it make you immune and fearless in your endeavors to rescue and prepare for My Holy Promised Remnant, even My Own Very Elect!
1989      ""Son of Man, Aku, My Own Beloved, Holy One of Ishmael, Holy Son of Israel, hear the screams of great torment of the never-dying in the depths of the condemned and know:  for them there is neither relief nor mercy until The Great Judgment!  And know that most of them shall return to an even greater torment unto everlasting!
1990      ""Son of Man, Aku, My Own Avenger, High Priest of All High Priests:  go near the edge of the abyss, and look down into the very essence of horrors, and tell me what you see there!""
1991      Aku obeyed, and looking down into the burning depths, replied, "Lord, must I observe this suffering?"
1992      ""Son of Man, Aku, My Own Prince of Fire, General of Generals:  tell me what you see there!""
1993      "The agonies of many nobles, the sufferings of many priests, the horrors of many Christians, and the boiling of many great and near great!
1994      "Must I continue to see these burnings?"  Aku questioned again.
1995      ""Son of Man, Aku, My Own Teacher of Righteousness, Lord of All The Worlds:  I strengthen you!  Beneath all these terrors are the great sanctuaries of Satan and all his vile minions!  And in your strength they shall have no place of safety from you, neither shall they know either security nor escape nor sanctuary from your hand!
1996      ""Son of Man, Aku, My Own Holy Chosen Witness of this vile Generation of Fire, Chief Lord of My Own Holy Elect Remnant:  this burning is but a flicker of the fires of My Wrath which I shall soon pour out upon the whole world and upon all the tribes and upon all the peoples and upon all the nations!
1997      ""Son of Man, Aku, My Own Holy Son of Fire, My King of Kings of All the Tribes and of All the Peoples and of All the Nations:  look down into the very essence of Eternal Torment, and tell me what you see there!""
1998      "Great burning of a great boiling lake of fire.  The entire lake is filled with those condemned to burn until The Judgment, and I know some of them.  There are priests and peasants, liars and lied to, leaders and lost, traitors and cowards, fanatics and fools, deceived and degenerates, scammers and the scammed, generals and victims, and all manner of religious obedients.  Who or what am I looking for?"  Aku asked the third time, "Must I endure all these horrors?"
1999      ""Son of Man, Aku, the Most Precious of all My Sons, Great Knower of Many Mysteries:  you are looking for what you see!  Behold, most there burn not for just until The Judgment, but shall burn in greater agony forever after The Great Judgment, because they knew My Holy Truths and obeyed them not!
2000      ""And because they obeyed not, they have set forth many forces of My Own Hand that I will not stay:  that the iniquity upon those burning and those yet to burn shall be full; and their greater burning after The Judgment shall be fully justified!


2001      ""Son of Man, Aku, Mine Own Anointed, Holy One of Israel, Holy One of Ishmael:  I will cause Judah and the Muscovites [socialists] to bring famines and depressions upon the House of Joseph!  And those famines and depressions shall go forth unto all the Tribes of Israel and all the Children of Ishmael, and unto all the Tribes of Accursed Cush and of Accursed Canaan!  Because the leaders have profaned My Holy Statutes and the people have followed them!
2002      ""Son of Joseph, Aku, My Beloved Above All in the Earth:  know that I do this because it came from My Own Mouth that I would do this in their disobedience!  Because they have made My Holy Laws to none effect, I have decreed that the Houses of Joseph, even Israel, even Ephraim and Manasseh, shall be laid waste!  And war shall soon be upon every doorstep in the land!  First, from the heathen and the harlots within the gates who pollute the blood of My People; and second, from the very hands of those the people have chosen over them!  For those leaders act not on behalf of those who appointed them, but on Direct Orders from that great murdering Babylonian Harlot of Harlots at Rome!
2003      ""Son of Man, Aku, Mine Only Anointed of This Generation of Fire, Holiest Son of All Israel:  because the House of Joseph has desired it and not resisted it, either in the streets nor in the town halls, nor in the slaughter of the proponents of the degeneracies and the desecrations, I will cause those of lesser mind and lesser righteousness, even the harlots and harlotmongers of the House of Joseph, to lie with the heathen within the gates and raise up soulless children unto them!  And the blood of the House of Joseph shall be polluted, save for the Remnant, even The Elect!""

2004      [INSERT:  The House of Joseph are the two Israelite Tribes of Ephraim (United States) and Manasseh (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales of the United Kingdom; which includes Canada and Australia) upon whom Jacob named his name Israel when he passed the birthright to them.  Reuben, the firstborn, defiled himself by having sexual intercourse with one of Jacob's four wives, and therefore did not receive the birthright, which includes the unalterable promises of The Most High made to Abraham.
2005      Accursed Canaan was Cursed by Noah, The Anointed of His Generation.  Accursed Cush, also spelled Kush, means Black in the original Semitic languages, brought the Curse of Canaan upon his whole household in addition to the Curse upon Cush inflicted by The Most High as given in Chapter 40.  Muscovites (Moscow) are referred to herein as socialists, communists specifically, and are Gog of the Bible, Magog being the countries south of Russia and north of Israel.]

2006      ""Woe to the House of Joseph, terror upon Israel and the children of the birthright!  Woe to the heirs of Abraham and My Holy promises, for the children of Abraham shall not see my promises of paradise come to fruition in this vile and corrupt Generation!  Woe to the man whose children may not be sanctified by me as being pure as the blood of Noah!  Woe to the harlot who receives the seed of the heathen into her womb, for she has defiled the temple of her own body, and profaned her own living soul therein, and profaned the seed of her loins, and is a harlot and a mother of harlots and harlotmongers in her abominations!  Woe to the man who implants his seed in the womb of a woman not of the blood as the blood of his fathers, for he has profaned the temple of his body, and profaned his own living soul therein, and profaned the seed of his loins, and is a harlotmonger and a father of harlots and harlotmongers in his abominations!  Woe to the children of such union, for they are without souls!  And thus the blood of the House of Joseph is profaned with the blood of the House of Accursed Canaan and with the blood of the House of Accursed Cush!
2007      ""Son of Man, Aku, Mine Own Anointed Holy One of Israel, this is the manner by which I will abandon the House of Joseph to the Muscovites:  with much violence at the hands of those who preach peace and calmness from their offices of authority, even in the face of their own intended violence!  And the House of Joseph shall be a temporary possession, and immensely burdensome; for I will yet choose Israel and though I will not forget Ishmael, My Wrath shall not cease upon those who disobey My Holy Law and abuse Mine Own Chosen!
2008      ""I will cause the House of Joseph to be weakened for his listening to the lies of the socialist deceivers and their stooges of the House of Judah, until for weariness, Joseph shall surrender to obtain relief of the needless anxiousness over the supposed crises upon crises!
2009      ""I will not give these things upon the House of Joseph if the House of Joseph will remain pure, even by the edge of the sword, and will silence the warmongers with the same blade!  But if the House of Joseph will not remain pure and will not put the whoredoms and harlotries of Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush and Judah from him, and if Joseph will not surrender to the constant confusions and lies bellowed unto him by Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush and Judah, and if Joseph will not demand the publishings of the truth, then I will let the House of Joseph fall as was the fall of the Son of the Morning!
2010      ""For there is no reason to be weak of the knee or fearful in the intestines; for I, even I, have decreed both the Way of Destruction and the Way of Deliverance!
2011      ""Is it beyond the will of the House of Joseph to walk then the smooth path of Truth and Righteous Knowledge?
2012      ""Son of Man, Aku, Mine Own Anointed Holy Son of Israel, hold your peace from those with ears that they themselves have made deaf!  I have determined the value of your every breath, and I will not have it strewn before the self-aggrandizing fool who basks in his own conception of righteous wisdom, and thinks himself superior to My Will and to this that I have Ordained in My Anointed!
2013      ""Even so, that you be not ignorant, this is the manner of the secret operations within the House of Joseph that shall bring it down to destruction:  even the Days of Holocaust and the Years of Tribulation that shall soon consume the land!
2014      ""All the great exchanges and media of communications unto the public shall I give unto the vile and greedy hand of Judah!  And Judah shall commit great usury to dominate the municipalities in their support of the evil Muscovites!
2015      ""I shall weaken the blood of the House of Joseph by giving the sons and daughters of whosoever will not stand pure before me unto the harlotries and whoredoms of the sons and daughters of Accursed Canaan and Polluted Cush!  I shall mingle the blood of the profaned with the blood of the righteous until there is no righteous blood in the House of Joseph except the blood of those who will stand with My Own Holy Elect, each and every one being pure in their generations and repentant before me!
2016      ""Son of Man, Aku, My Own beloved El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH, you who are called by My Own Name:  this is the manner of my progressing destruction unto purification of the House of Joseph:
2017      ""First:  because they have walked in the ways of the Doctrines of Death and not walked in the ways of My Holy Statutes, I shall deliver the entire House of Joseph unto the manner of thinking of the Muscovites [socialists].  By the very hand of Judah within the House of Joseph shall I do it with their own vain laws and establishments!
2018      ""Second:  because they have walked in the ways of the Doctrines of Death and not walked in the ways of My Holy Statutes, I shall raise up the anger of the Curse upon Accursed Canaan and the Curse upon Accursed Cush and establish the fall of the House of Joseph in the burning of the cities, orchestrated by the Muscovites [socialists] and paid for by the sweat of the producers of the House of Joseph!  And that debt shall be grievous to bear!
2019      ""Third:  because they have walked in the ways of the Doctrines of Death and not walked in the ways of My Holy Statutes, I shall establish even more stupid and even more unjust laws in the vile and corrupt Courts of the House of Joseph!  And make both the law and the courts a socialist mockery unto all the high and mighty and a stock and pillar unto all the powerless!
2020      ""Fourth:  because they have walked in the ways of the Doctrines of Death and not walked in the ways of My Holy Statutes, then I shall eliminate all the qualities and standards of excellence in the houses of education until they are but an expensive requirement, producing fools and moral degenerates!  Yea, because Joseph shall prefer the stupidities of the Muscovites [socialists] at the vile and greedy hands of Judah, shall I permit the pollution of the minds and morals of the children unto the desecration of their very souls!
2021      ""Fifth:  because they have walked in the ways of the Doctrines of Death and not walked in the ways of My Holy Statutes, then in the social and public places shall I establish the profanities of Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush, even in the wombs of the harlot daughters of the House of Joseph!  And then shall I establish the profanities of Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush in the homes and highways throughout the land that I, Myself, shall witness the filth and the degeneracies of Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush be absorbed into the soul of the House of Joseph!  And their offspring shall be polluted:  hybrid mongrels without souls and of low caste!  They shall not reproduce in like manner unto themselves, for they are of impure line and defiled seed; and their loins have I not Blessed!  Neither shall any such stand before My Holy Altar, nor shall they ever enter into the Temple or into My Presence, neither the profaned child nor the parents thereof nor the ancestors of the parents who approve or condone these vile and disgusting abominations in My Sight!  Lo!  I will visit their sins upon their children forever!  For this is the great Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit of Truth, which sin shall not ever be forgiven!  And when the blood of the House of Joseph is weakened with the polluted blood of the House of Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush, the mountains made of molehills of every supposed chink in their armor by the socialists shall overwhelm them!
2022      ""Sixth:  because they have walked in the ways of the Doctrines of Death and not walked in the ways of My Holy Statutes, then in all the money changing institutions shall I reveal the treasons of the high merchants and their bankers, even as the leech sucks the blood of its victim shall the high merchants and their banks suck the life blood of production from the laborers of the House of Joseph and emburden the children of the House of Joseph with debt that can never be extinguished!
2023      ""Seventh:  because they have walked in the ways of the Doctrines of Death and not walked in the ways of My Holy Statutes, with vain wars shall I destroy the pride of the power of the House of Joseph, slaying the prime of their youth and leaving the empty agonizing hulks of those who survive their vain wars to be a misery unto themselves and a constant reminder of the corruption of governments before the eyes of the people!  Yet, they will not see, being willfully blinded by the foolishness and glorified degeneracies of Accursed Canaan, Polluted Cush, greedy Judah and infidel Muscovites [socialists]!
2024      ""Son of Man, Aku, Beloved Son of Vegah, Righteous One of This Generation of Fire:  know that I do these things because My Holy Laws have been profaned; profaned by Levi first, Judah second, all the remaining House of Israel third, and then by all the other tribes and all the other peoples!  Yea, I do these things unto the House of Joseph because Joseph is My House of Birthright, even Ephraim and Manasseh; yet they have preferred the sour filth of Accursed Canaan and the putridness of Accursed Cush to the purity and righteousness of Israel and the righteousness of Ishmael!
2025      ""But if the House of Joseph shall put from him the evil publican and the socialist and require full restitution of the resulting horrors upon the very heads of the public profaners, the public thieves and the public manipulators, even unto The Restoration of that Holy Writ which I gave their fathers at the re-establishment of Ephraim from Manasseh's domination:  The Constitution of the United States unto all the citizens;
2026      ""And the citizens retain their slaying weapons that they may be strong against the publican and the socialist first, and then against the Highwayman, and restore a complete separation between the institutions of the Government of the publicans and the socialists and the institutions of My Holy Statutes;
2027      ""And utterly destroy all those who engage in or advocate the mixing of the seed of the peoples that Israel be not profaned, that Accursed Canaan not die with the Curse of Noah upon him, that Accursed Cush not be consumed in the wake of the death of Accursed Canaan because of Accursed Cush's lust;
2028      ""And by firepower and certain death put the violent from off their streets and out of their cities, not tolerating the vile and the putrid nor their degeneracies anywhere, even beyond the abandoned wilderness of the land;
2029      ""Then I will restore the House of Joseph and restore all My Blessings unto Israel, even those Blessings ordained of Joseph to be shared unto all the heathen!  And when you know the meaning of this, for it is a sign of confirmation unto you:  when you see the deed of February become the deed of April [Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City], know the Enslaver has done those deeds and there is rejoicing in Babylon!  Therefore, rejoice:  for war within the very households of the whole of the land of Joseph is at the very door, and the horrors of the Holocaust are cast in new iron!  Therefore, be exceeding glad, for the redemption of My Holy Elect is nigh!  Yea!  and in That Day, Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush shall tremble because of their desecrations!
2030      ""Yea, but if Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush will cease their pollutions and mongrelizations from themselves and My Holy People, I will restore the pure blood of Accursed Cush and remove the pollutions from Accursed Canaan, and in That Day remove the Curse of Noah from them that they might serve Me in My Holy Mountain!
2031      ""Yea!  If Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush will repent of their filth and their degeneracies and cease the vile abominations among their own people, I will raise Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush from servitude, and they shall again become a Pure and Holy People unto me, and they shall no more be a servant of servants!
2032      ""But they will not:  for of such are Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush!
2033      ""I have spoken it, by Mine Own Self have I sworn it, and if I am obeyed, I will bring it to pass!
2034      ""Son of Man, Aku, Mine Own Anointed, Holy Son of Fire of Israel, Holy Son of Fire of Ishmael, it will not be so for the House of Joseph, for the traitors [socialists] in the governments must first be removed, Judah must be restrained within the exchanges of the nations, the high merchants must be restricted in their usury.  And the Muscovites [socialists] must be removed from the media, from the schools, from the governments, from the organizations, from the churches, from the companies, from the militia, and from every place where they have infiltered, infested, fortified, and planted inefficiency, liberalism and destruction!  For the unrestrained Muscovites [socialists] alone can bring down the House of Joseph!
2035      ""Beware My Son, for the excuses of the profane shall be, 'Judah does not do such', 'such treasons are not', 'such conspiracies do not exist', 'there is no plan of a New World Order of One World Government', 'there is no Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement', 'electronic eyes and monitoring will not enslave', 'there are no financial treasons', 'reducing educational standards will do no harm', 'there are no blood pollutions as result of racemixing', 'we'll be at peace when we are all of one mixed blood', 'soulless children are not so', 'there is no need to fear for your rights or the nation', 'before all these things Jesus will come', 'there are no degeneracies taught in our schools', 'forced bussing is right because it is the law', 'forced racemixing will establish the Black People', 'forced racemixing will not destroy the Black People', 'it is their rights as guaranteed', 'gun control laws will eventually prevent all crime', 'The Anointed is not!', 'there is nothing to this warning of Holocaust', 'The Anointed is a Prophet of Doom!'
2036      ""And it is well that they should say such of you, for your prophecy is true and shall unveil their foolishness and their demonic practices!  Even so, these are the whinings of the socialists that will lead the House of Joseph to their own destruction!
2037      ""Beware My Son, for those who say:  that had they been alive in the time of the Messiah's ministry they would not have rejected the Son of God of Israel are the very people who will resist you the most!  It is of these fanatical, closed-minded and spiritually bereft liars that the Holocaust shall consume Israel!  And such shall the Tribulation bury in horrors unspeakable and terrors beyond their imagination!
2038      ""Lo!  Did such as these in the Reign of John, The Baptist, and Immanuel reject both of Mine Own Messiahs:  one of them even Mine Own Begotten Son of My Own Loins?  They will moreso reject you, for you are of me and not of their father, the Devil, even Lucifer!
2039      ""I, even I, have spoken it!  I, Myself, have declared it true!  And except the nations repent:  it will come to pass upon this, the most evil of all generations!
2040      ""Beware My Son, for even in this day are the voices of idiocy loud and long in the ears of the people of the House of Joseph!  And unto whomsoever will not turn a deaf ear unto the socialist idiots of the media:  gold shall be dear, but not a good purchase!  Silver shall be sought, but it shall buy nothing!  The vast majority of violence shall be from Accursed Canaan and Profaned Accursed Cush, making victims of themselves and the defenseless children of Joseph even unto Judah!  And the filthy and profane shall make their cities to become but sectors of fear, even unto the inhabitants thereof, for such is the culture of Accursed Canaan and Polluted Cush!  And the voices of idiocy expound and glorify such without ceasing.
2041      ""Beware My Son, for these 'crises upon crises' are but destructions incited by the Muscovites [socialists] among you, financed by the traitors within your own gates, even the House of Judah!  And are but lies expounded by the media controlled by the socialists of the House of Judah, and the products and manufacturings of the exchange houses also controlled by the socialists of the House of Judah:  that they can enforce disarmament upon the people, that the people may be enslaved by law!  Incited by the Muscovites [socialists] and much published by the House of Judah, violence shall prevail upon the land because the House of Joseph shall be made to surrender their arms and are without courage to speak against Accursed Canaan and Polluted Cush because the municipalities shall deal harshly with anyone who so speaks the truth!  And the House of Joseph shall be denied the right and means to defend that which is theirs, even for the ravishings of their wives and their daughters and sodomizing of their sons in their own homes, and the senseless slaughtering of their children at play!
2042      ""And when the halls of education are filled with the violence and the filths of Accursed Canaan and Polluted Cush:  know that deprivation by law of everything held sacred by the House of Joseph, even that bought and paid by the blood and bones of your forefathers, is at the very gates and must be resisted by fire, even the slaying weapons in the hands of the free of the House of Joseph!


2043      ""Beware My Son, for this evil and polluted generation of fools shall seek a sign of their impending enslavement, and a sign shall be given it; a sign which to any prudent mind shall be sufficient, but a sign which the degenerate and the damned shall ignore!
2044      ""Part the First:  When you shall see the economy of the House of Joseph filled to overflowing with unpayable debt, though the strength of the people to produce shall yet exist;
2045      ""Part the Second:  And you shall see the institution of even greater burdens of debt inflicted upon the whole of the land under the disguise of crime prevention, though all the facts and figures expounded thereof are but lies upon lies to seduce the people into enslavement;
2046      ""Part the Third:  And you shall see the institution of even greater burdens of debt inflicted upon the whole of the land under the disguise that all shall share the goodness of health citizen, friend, intruder and enemy alike;
2047      ""Part the Fourth:  And when you shall see the head of That Great Harlot of Babylon at Rome support the very immoralities that great pagan religion shall reputedly condemn, though that very priesthood shall be known to all as dedicated participants of those very immoralities even unto the highest offices;
2048      ""Part the Fifth:  And when you shall see the Legislated Enslavement of the innocents in full disguise of legislated improvements, in the high chambers, in the courts, in the marketplaces, in the schools, in the streets, and in the homes and wheresoever the innocents must needs be gathered;
2049      ""Part the Sixth:  And when you shall see the enactments into the law of the land the deprivation of the innocents and the producers and the loosening of the degenerates and the parasites, under all manner of disguises of reputed justice where there is no justice but to the degenerates and the parasites;
2050      ""And Part the Seventh:  When you shall see all these vile and disgusting atrocities glorified and endorsed by the media and the traitors and the manipulators, for there shall be none other expound and endorse them; know that the Great Enslavement is at the very gates and can only be defeated by violence and by fire!
2051      ""Know for a certainty, My Son, though all these Treasons and High Treasons are committed by Rhodes Scholars and their witless minions:  when all these things are full and the vile and corrupt sit in the highest seats, then shall the remnant either be secured as I have instructed or they shall thenceforth be considered and counted among the heathen whom I shall destroy!  Then upon the House of Joseph and upon the House of Israel shall come the fury of the Holocaust and the horrors of the Tribulation!
2052      ""Their great cities shall burn, and their farms shall be fit for nothing!  And though they flee into the wilderness places, they shall not find Refuge from the pestilences!  Neither shall they find escape from the invasions toward slavery!  Their rivers shall be a cess and a pollution, that there shall be none who drink of them that shall live!  The horrors of the enslavements shall be as comfort when the Holocaust of My Wrath shall come upon the cities of the House of Joseph as a wave washes upon the shore, without warning, without resistance!  The people in high places shall have reduced the great strength of the nation to nothingness!  And they shall neither lift a hand to fight against the Enslaver nor the fury of My Wrath!  All the great cities of the House of Joseph shall receive the Fire of My Fury, and all the people therein shall know the Years of My Wrath!
2053      ""And all that they are shall be but targets for the machines of war!
2054      ""Lo!  A third of them shall die in the Holocaust; and a third of them shall die in the war and pestilence that follows; and the remnant of them shall suffer at the hands of the invader, even the Enslaver!  And of the remnant of the Holocaust and the war and pestilences of the fallout, yet a third shall know the merciless chains and the whip of slavery!
2055      ""Yet of them shall I save yet another remnant, even as the Very Elect, even the hairs bound in the skirts of The Prophet:  under your own very hand alone shall I save them even though they be in the nations!  But yet of that remnant also shall I test in the fire that they should be worthy of me as you are worthy of me!
2056      ""Have no fear, Son of Man, Aku, Mine Own Anointed, for you are the Chief of Mine Elect, and there is none else by whom I will have My Holy Elect accounted!  Neither is there any other unto whom I will entrust My Promised Holy People!
2057      ""Beware, House of Joseph:  for neither will I spare those not under the shadow of the wings of My Beloved Son of Fire!  And Mine Own shall not know either the pollutions of Accursed Canaan nor the defilements of Impure Cush, nor the whips and chains of Global Enslavement, nor the horrors of the Holocaust of My Wrath, nor the terrors and the sufferings of the Years of Tribulation except by their hearing!  For they shall be far from it, and far from all that it shall surely consume!
2058      ""Beware, House of Joseph, for the few hairs bound in the skirts of the Prophet shall not be sufficient for me to remove My Hand of Wrath and Destruction from off you!  For had those few hairs heeded My Call before the Days of My Wrath they should not have suffered in the Nations.
2059      ""I have spoken it, I will also deliver it unto all the world!
2060      ""Have no fear, Son of Man, Aku, Mine Own Anointed, for Mine Elect have neither part nor association with impure blood nor the defiling of the races!  Neither do they practice usury!  They all condemn what I condemn, and they neither approve nor endorse that which spews forth from the mouths of all the ministers, all high merchants, all politicians, and all educators!  For these four are the conspirators of evil, and they and all their followers must bear the fury in My Holy Day!
2061      ""For in That Day will I not excuse their practices of degenerate filth, glorified deceits, constant lyings, perpetual distortions, moral corruptions, half-truth confusings, racemixings, and the godless practices of socialisms, liberalisms, fascisms and communisms!
2062      ""Neither will I ignore their much ado, that the high merchants, huge exchanges and companies may practice usury and robbery upon the masses!  Neither will I ignore their causings of anger among the whole of the populace to create divisions among the races of My People!  These are the 'crises' that are but blown balloons that if allowed to fill are punctured easily with but a simple point of truth and are destroyed!
2063      ""These things need not be:  but man will choose the horror, and I will quickly deliver it!
2064      ""Therefore, Son of Fire, know that Mine Elect will I try!  Yea, I will perfect them in the fire and prove them like ingots of pure gold!  But in their Holy Chambers, will I not permit them to experience evil!  Neither will I permit to come near them the horrors of the Holocaust nor the terrors of the Tribulation that I shall bring upon the House of Joseph, even Israel and upon the whole world!  For My Holy Elect Remnant shall see and hear, but shall not suffer!  And in the hour that they know of the terrors, they shall not mourn!  Neither will they grieve for the afflicted but shall rejoice that they are with Mine Own Anointed, and are honored guests at the Wedding Feast by direct invitation of the Great Bridegroom!
2065      ""Aku, Mine Own Anointed, My Only Holy One of Israel, Mine Own Beloved of Ishmael, Chief of Mine Own Holy Elect:  upon your head have I placed The Chosen, and at your hand will I require them!  At the pleasure of the masses will I account their comfort and upon the masses will I avenge their wantings!  Upon all the churches shall I pile hot coals for the cravings of The Elect!  At the hands of the shepherds shall I account the sheep:  and upon those who will go forth in My Name, and yet not receive Mine Own Anointed, will I accomplish My Greater Wrath!  Of you shall I require The Elect, but of the people will I avenge everything else, notwithstanding!
2066      ""Aku, Mine Beloved Son of My Great Vengeance, Holy Son of the Generation of Fire; therefore, have no fear of this that I have placed upon you!  For whosoever offends you, offends me:  and the wrath of me is not to be incurred lightly!  As you yourself are true witness!  Whosoever reviles you, reviles me; but he that restrains you attempts to bind me, and that is a greater abomination because of you, and My Wrath shall not cease upon whomsoever shall restrain you; neither shall I remove My Curse upon their unrepentant generations after them forever!
2067      ""Woe to the fool and all the children of the fool and all those around and near unto the fool, and all those around and near unto the children of the fool, who shall incur My Wrath!
2068      ""Aku, Mine Own Anointed, Holy Flame of Israel, Chief of Mine Elect, despair not that but few shall accept this that you shall say to them!  For they are the children of evil who hear not these things!  For the children of evil reject all I send them!  And these things they will reject because I have sent them!  They will reject because I have of Mine Own Self chosen you, and not chosen them!  This then is a reproof of them:  that I am against them for their weakness, for their ignorance of My Holy Statutes, for their profaning of My Holy Sabbaths, and for their vast unrighteousness!  All these things are a rebuke upon them because I have not chosen them, nor any of their Congregations of the Damned!
2069      ""Aku, Son of Power, Mine Only Commissioned Authority in All the Earth:  know that I, Myself, searched all the earth, even the whole world with good diligence, looking for any other heart to beat pure before me, looking for any other soul to stand pure before me, that if there should have been any other than you I might have considered them in your stead!  But I found none worthy save that which I did have born for this cause, even you, My Beloved Avenger!
2070      ""Aku, King of Justice, Lord of War and My Great Vengeance:  know that I, Myself, searched the whole of the Heavens with all good diligence, looking for any among all the souls of men and of spirits and of angels to stand before me in purity and do this final offering of My Hand before My Wrath spoils all the monuments upon the earth!  But I found none worthy save that which have already served in their generations, even Mine Anointed Ones before you, and he whom I did avow for this generation:  even you, My Standard Bearer!
2071      ""Therefore did I not choose one among the vile nor among the degenerate, for in that hour would that denomination either have rejected My Chosen from their midst or they would have limited his righteousness and his doctrine to their own!  Neither of which I would have tolerated!
2072      ""Even so, only The Elect will listen and observe and see these things and these signs that I of ancient times did foretell and promise!  However, I will permit for a season, those who will serve with The Elect to achieve their own ends:  but in the proof and trial by fire, I shall remove them and strengthen the metal of Mine Own Chosen!  That they may be counted worthy to eat the Wedding Feast of the Bridegroom while the rest of the world dies the death too long delayed!
2073      ""If the House of Joseph would hear and do these things:  to put the treasonous out from their high offices; to put usury out from their exchanges; to put the practice of impure blood out from among the peoples; to stand firm in their liberties; and remove from before My Face the Muscovite [socialist] and the Muscovite sympathizer, I would restrict this horror from their cities and from their fields and from their wilderness places, and avenge My Fury upon the heathen, upon the communist and upon the fascist!  And all Israel and all Ishmael would worship me in My Holy Mountain, even these Very Planes of Heaven!
2074      ""Yea, I would return the children of Accursed Canaan and Polluted Cush to the great lands to which I abandoned them, and run it afresh with water, good grass, and fruit abundantly, and make of them a pure people in their generations!  I would make them again to be proud, without terror, without disease, and full of the goodnesses of creation!  I would restore unto them a glory they have never known, greater than that of Egypt which they claim but had no part of, except its pollution and decline; and make an establishment unto them of peace, comfort, and justice!  And there would be no hunger in all their land!
2075      ""Yea, even for all Israel, Ishmael, Accursed Canaan, and Accursed Cush would I accomplish it!  And for the other gentiles also would I make the whole world a paradise!  And their homes would be safe from all evil!  There would be no war in the land, and their wives and little ones would not know hunger, even in the midnight hours!  I would make the gray hairs of their elders an honored insignia, and there would be no terror of the mighty nor fear of the darkness!  And under your hand:  demons and devils would I give them for servants, and Mine Own Holy Angels for overseers!
2076      ""But woe to Israel, Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush!  And grief upon the houses of Ishmael by the forced pollutions of Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush!  Yea, great woe upon Israel, Accursed Canaan, and Accursed Cush, for they will not adopt My Holy Statutes, neither will they heed My Voice nor do these things!  Neither will they accept Mine Own Testimony of My Own Anointed Witness among them!  Neither will they put away these detestable things, nor the evil these detestable things bring that must surely follow!  For theirs is a foolish and self-aggrandizing heart!  Israel follows That Great Harlot of Babylon at Rome; Ishmael honors not Mine Anointed alive in their own Generation; Accursed Canaan and Accursed Cush practice racemixing and overbearingness, thinking that the wombs of the harlot daughters of Israel shall bear them a Holy and uncursed generation!  Therefore, I will destroy them in the fire, pursue them with the sword of war, and enslave them under the whip of the evil and hard taskmaster who neither knows nor understands moderation or mercy!
2077      ""Aku, Chief Prince of My Holy Princes, My Only Ordained of My Authority:  know that I will take a remnant unto myself from among the whole earth, and gather them to My Own Feast, and protect them under Mine Own Wings while I flood the whole remainder of the earth with fury, evil, war and condemnation!  Therefore, be not anxious, My Holy Son of Fire, for these things will offend many, and they will not remove from themselves all these detestable things, but will perfect their practices of them in defiance of me and justify their evil with the doctrines of man, even the Doctrines of Death, until the Very Day of the Holocaust!
2078      ""Aku, Holy Son of Righteousness, Holy Son of Truth:  in that hour shall they scream unto you, Mine Anointed, and with much terror shall they come to you making all manner of concessions and submissions and with great pleadings!  But the door shall be shut against them and that door shall not be opened unto them!  And they shall not enter in, neither shall they receive the crumbs, for no crumbs shall be thrown out unto them!
2079      ""Aku, Holy Son of Abraham, Divine Son of Isaac, Honorable Son of Jacob, Righteous Son of Ishmael:  know that I will avenge myself upon all the houses of the pagans, even all the Christians, upon the whole earth for their silliness!  For Christians profane My Holy Statutes and pollute the blood of their lineage, conceiving children of those not of the blood as the blood of their fathers, in Mine Own Very Sight!  Lo!  Christians embarrass the wise and prudent with their rituals and their stupidities in the name of Mine Own Begotten, and they do these sickening things in My Name also!
2080      ""Do not the Christians say that I am My Son, and he is also me?  Can one be both himself and the offspring of his own loins?  Was Abraham both himself and Ishmael or Isaac?  Was Jacob also his sons of his generations, even the firstborn of the tribes thereof?  Not so!  Neither do any of Mine Own Holy Messengers come near to any such silly perversions nor near unto any practitioners thereof!  Christians call the ignorant to the Altar, but I ordained no such doings, neither have I sanctified any such place!  Christians receive crackers and grape juice as My Holy sacrament; but Mine Own use not the substances made evil, but unleavened bread and good wine!  Christians observe the rising of the sun; but Mine Own perform not this evil except to account the beginning of the day at the going down thereof!  On the first day of the week do the Christians gather to worship their father Lucifer and in My Name sing and make much ado!  But I am not there among them!  For I and My Own are already at work!  The Sabbath of Mine Own Ordination having ended at sundown the night before!  Such are the doings of evil, and such will be the death and destruction upon the people!
2081      ""Now hear, all the earth:  for this is Mine Own Anointed, even Mine Own Chosen to walk among you in this most evil of all generations!  This is My Own Holy One of Israel and My Own Holy One of Ishmael by his own earned right, even Mine Own Chosen to witness of all the good and evil deeds of This Generation of Fire in That Great Final Judgment!  This is the precious one of Abraham, even Mine Own Chosen, My Own Holy Son of Fire whom I have Commissioned with honor and with power and with authority to gather My Own Promised Elect Remnant from the far reaches of earth, that they be preserved against the Days of Holocaust and Years of Tribulation!
2082      ""Now hear, Aku, Mine Own Anointed, Holy One of Israel, Chief of Mine Elect:  for you are Mine Own Begotten, even Mine Own Commissioned to gather and preserve My Promised Elect Remnant of Abraham, Isaac and of Jacob!  And there is none else in all the earth with My Own Authority either in their hand or My Authority upon them!  Know that I am with you always!""

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