Chapter Fourteen God's Own Version!

Each and every word, statement and claim Verified by The Most High, Himself!
The Whole and Ancient Truth you were never told and were FORBIDDEN to question!
Over 40% Translated out of Angelic, the Language of the Heavens.

Wisdom as Ancient as all Creation!

More Powerful than the Bible, Qur'an, Bhagavad Gita
Lankavatara Sutra, Upanishads and Tipitaka combined.
Exposing false prophets, Doctrines of Death and demonic-possessions
of Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Ashkenazis, Buddhism,
Politicians, Priests, Preachers and other liars.



1404      ""The ears of the fool are open to every word from the Demons of Socialism and their Doctrines of Death, and closed to every word of Righteous Truth for righteousness is not comfortable to the ignorant, the vile or the corrupt.""


1405      The following commentary has been checked, verified, and crosschecked by Proven Knowers in such manner as to absolutely remove any doubts about the statements herein, the source of those statements, and to our best ability, the accuracy of the accounts as here given.  It is not an easy matter to translate from the infinitely unlimited Angelic language into the extremely limited languages of man.  The problem is compounded because any translation must be made within the grammatical limitations of the translators.  Therefore, The Most High may not have verbally spoken some of the colloquialisms given in this account, but that is as near as the translators can present!  The Most High has not objected to any portion of the following, for He certainly would know and correct any misstatement whatsoever.
1406      Every word contained in this portion was received in a multi-blind process by different Spiritual Communicators, at different locations around the world, no one of which was of acquaintance with any other.  Each of the accounts was received at three separate compilation centers, which made their respective translations from the languages of the Spiritual Communicators and compiled the finished work according to their own Proof and Testing guidance.
1407      Any segment not verified as to direct subject without deviation by at least seven Spiritual Communicators was eliminated forthwith.  In the final compilation of the three finished reports, any segment that was not verbatim in content in all three accounts was again eliminated forthwith and without exception.
1408      Words contained herein in parentheses () were included after permission from The Most High was given through The Anointed and due verification, and for the sole purpose to clarify meaning and actual intent.  Bracket [] enclosures are the editor's, and like parenthetical inclusions are for the sole purpose to clarify a greater understanding and were not part of the original communications.  However, other than explained above, nothing not one word, not one statement, not one intent has been deleted or altered.
1409      On Direct Orders of The Most High Lord God of All Creation, and because this work is intended to force human beings to look into themselves for real knowledge and truth, all original reports and translator notes from which the photocopied review editions were made, were returned to Him in the Flames of His Own Holy Altar at the hands of His Own Holy Anointed and Elect One:  Lord King El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH, He That is Called by The Name of God.  Additionally, it forces the individual to learn the lesson that physical objects are not Holy and that each soul must eventually encounter its Maker who will accept nothing less than solitary recognition and absolute obedience to Him and all His Holy Ways.
1410      Knowing full well that this act of obedience would open all doors for the questioning of our credibility, the Holy Anointed One nevertheless ordered the directive carried out exactly as given, and without further commentary or questioning of the matter or the consequences.
1411      This is The Anointed's exact response, "Mankind has never believed God, nor failed to question His Messengers.  Mankind has always wished to set himself up as Supreme Judge of both his Creator and all his Creator's Chosen Ones.  Therefore, to hell with mankind's opinions, injections of stupidity, and questions.  Those who want to know are privileged to know, and nothing of the establishments of man will be able to change one iota of that Knowledge.  Those who will attempt to distort or to discredit these Acts of God do so under the supreme penalties as provided.
1412      "Therefore, I hereby issue Direct Orders to carry out these instructions without further delay, and I'll court martial the next PATHFINDER that questions even so much as one article about them."
1413      For all the ages to come, let it be known and recorded:  not one PATHFINDER was disciplined in regard to those orders.  The instructions were carried out exactly as given by The Most High and His Holy Anointed Elect One, and without delay.
1414      What you will read in the remainder of this chapter will astound you and shake you to the very depths of your soul.  As with the very first sentence of the introduction to this Holy Scripture, "This work will awaken a few, scare the hell out of some, and offend the rest." no words were ever truer nor applied more accurately, than to the remainder of this chapter.
1415      In this chapter the Words of The Most High are not capitalized as they were in the original script, only double quoted ("").  Changes in copy from earlier review versions are due to scanning equipment dropouts and/or program injections as result of hand-editing markings.  This final version has been compared with the review copies by Proven Knowers to ensure accuracy.


1416      ""I am the God of Ish (Adam), and the God of Isha (Eve), and the God of Enoch, and the God of Noe (Noah), and the God of Shem, and the God of Melchizedek, and the God of Audreah, and the God of Abraham, and the God of Ishmael, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob whom I named Israel.  I am The Most High Lord God of All Creation and The Most High Lord God of All Spirits, even the Ancient of Days, and nothing that is, or that was ever made, came forth by any other than at My Own Hand!
1417      ""That you may know My Sacred Name:  Following the Fulfillment of Cyrus, the Priests of Shumer transplanted and disguised themselves as That Great Babylonian Harlot at Rome and Constantinople, the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox (Eastern Religion) and are become a vile and a sorcery of the Mysteries of Babylon The Great, the Mother of Harlots and of Abominations upon the Earth; and have deceived all who enter in unto her and have defiled all Truth with her every word!  Therefore, that you should know the truth of the name of Israel:  Jacob was named Israel of My Servant with whom he struggled and would not release but the name does not mean "struggle with god" as professed by the Levites and the Jews but means "Ish the first, of" "Ra of the light (not of the sun as the Egyptians and Babylonians claimed) with respect to:  light, as with respect to: spirit; "El God"!  The name of Israel in correct translation means "The First of The God Ra" or "of the god Ra" in those languages and should be understood to be "The First of The Most High Lord of Spirits." "Ra" is the Egyptian name of the sun and the Egyptian name of Marduk of Babylon who took the Title:  "Ra" (light) upon himself!  Though the name be a name in prophecy, for many of Jacob's children followed the gods of Egypt, it is still the name of My Holy People as is the name of Ishmael. For the name of Ishmael in translation means "Ish the first, of" "mhae" me, mine" "El God" or "The First of My God!" And so Abraham named his firstborn son Ishmael on my behalf.  And thus have the Holy done throughout all creation.  And therefore have I named My Own Name upon My Holy Son of Fire, El Aku, raising his name to be El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH that whosoever should profane him has also profaned My Holy Name which I have named upon him.
1418      ""Throughout the untold (massive, many) numbers of galaxies there are [He has never given the actual number and none of the intelligences have been able to count them.  Reference the Promise to Abraham about counting the stars of heaven.], and have been for countless ages, worlds of men [beings] such as on earth, some being nearly that of immortal, others being but as a wisp of smoke.  Even so, all account to me in the Day of their Justifications (which includes the Nefilim).
1419      ""I am a Mighty One, but even the least of conscious life, and all things that grow, and all things that are, unto the very essences of all of it even unto the uttermost, am I continuously aware and fully knowing.
1420      ""Among all my creations of higher living intelligences, I am the forgotten one.  I am the one ignored by My Own People [mankind, not just the descendents of Abraham].  I am the one rejected by the very souls that I myself have given life.  I am the lawmaker most offended, and I am the Final Judge of all such doings.
1421      ""Yet, when the danger of destruction and death comes near, I am the one screamed to, even by the most putrid socialist, the most ardent communist, the most cruel fascist, the most corrupt politician, the most vile manipulator, the most conscientious murderer, the most demonic pagan (i.e., devout 'christian') and the harshest infidel.
1422      ""I am the one professed to be Supreme by all religions, but not one of them tell the truth of My Glories Without End.  Not one of them teach My Holy Laws.  Not one of them teach My Disciplines.  Not one of them is innocent of massive abuses in My Holy Name.  And not one of them has Living Representation before me in My Holy Realms.  No, not one save (except) My Beloved Akurians!  And the Representative of them is Witness of the Whole World and of all the tribes and of all the peoples and of all the nations and of all their Damnations.
1423      ""For if there be even one hungry child in the whole of the land, upon the heads of the Leaders of the Faith shall I account it, and My Vengeance because of it shall be without end!
1424      ""For if there be even one abused woman in the whole of the land, upon the heads of the Leaders of the Faith shall I account it, and My Vengeance because of it shall be without end!
1425      ""For if there be even one ignorant in the whole of the land, upon the heads of the Leaders of the Faith shall I account it, and My Vengeance because of it shall be without end!
1426      ""For if there be even one innocent unjustly accused in the whole of the land, upon the heads of the Leaders of the Faith shall I account it, and My Vengeance because of it shall be without end!
1427      ""For if there be even one atrocity in the whole of the land, upon the heads of the Leaders of the Faith shall I account it, and My Vengeance because of it shall be without end!
1428      ""Yea!  I am the God of Abraham, therefore I am also the God of Israel and the God of Ishmael; and much they do in My Name is an abomination in My Sight!  Therefore have I sent My Own Anointeds among them to be a testimony against them in all the vile and violent things they do in My Name.
1429      ""Therefore, I have sent Mine Own Holy Anointed and Elect Ones in all their generations to live among all that I have created, to be My Own Living Witness of those Generations; to witness of all the Priests and Priesthoods and all they have done in My Holy Name; to witness of religions and all things they have done in My Holy Name; witness of governments and all things they have done by the state in the name of My Peoples; and Yea, to testify before me in that Final Hour of due Justification or due Eternal Death.  Yea, a Living Witness in the midst of the high and the mighty who are the most vile, unto the low and weakened who are at bliss and unsuspecting in their ignorance, to stand them all before me:  before My Very Throne, to say of all the people's deeds and doings in My Very Ear; Yea, in My Very Presence:  to be My Holy Witness of not afar off from the vile nor afar off from the ignorant, that the vile and the ignorant be within reach of My Own Holy One's Own Righteous Hands.  Yea, and in all the generations even the most vile and the most ignorant shall call My Beloved Witnesses by their common names as a Testimony against themselves that all these things are true.
1430      ""Before me there are countless [a number so vast, ordinary minds cannot understand it] ones, trained and qualified by their direct personal service, who have earned the right to stand among My Peoples as My Holy Witness of My Peoples in their Generations.  Unto every evil place I have sent my angels (servants, witnesses) unaware to the evil ones that in That Day none shall say to their own benefit, because their deeds shall say for them.  But My Witnesses shall say truth of them and their deeds to their Eternal Reward be it Life or Destruction!  In each generation (needing guidance) I send but one to Witness of The Whole World to be My Absolute Authority in Their Generation and their Disciples after them to retain all they have given!  [Some Disciples of those Anointeds remain for many generations of man.  As long as the Teachings of Righteousness remain pure, there seems to be no need of another new Anointed.] And during their Reign they are My One and Only Begotten Son in that Generation.  Though I have sons amultitude throughout all the Heavens and all the Creations, I have but one Son of My Own Anointing in each and every promised (those needing guidance) Generation of Man.  When Ish became a living soul of his own awareness (of his own intelligence an unintended error by the Nefilim) I promised Ish one hundred and seventy-five Anointeds in their respective generations, and I have kept my unalterable word!  And the last of them shall establish the opening of the Gates of All the Heavens unto all mankind, unto the Proven Knowers who are the Holy Tribe of Akuria first, unto the faithful PATHFINDERS second, unto Israel and unto Ishmael in all their places and in all their lands third, and unto all the tribes and unto all the peoples and unto all the nations fourth, unto all the lesser worlds fifth, unto all the lesser travelers of light sixth, and unto all the fallen, excepting those I will burn forever, seventh!
1431      ""My Peoples have always rejected My Holy Laws, desecrated My Holy Places, defiled My Holy Cities, abused My Chosen Holy Prophets, degraded My Own Holy Servants, slain My Appointed Messengers, and made mock and victim My Own Holy Anointed and Elect Ones.  But they do so at great peril, both upon themselves, upon their generations after them, and even upon their fellows of collusion and association.  For I will not excuse even the slightest offense against Mine Own Holy Anointed and Elect Ones.
1432      ""For I send not My Chosen Ones to impress you; neither do I send them to enforce My Holy Laws, but I send them to testify against you in That Day when all, both saints and sinners, righteous and profane, pure and polluted, high and low, rich and poor, free and bond, living and dead, even the mindful and mindless and those without souls, shall stand before me and give full account!  And upon the vile and the profane My Wrath shall be fulfilled.
1433      ""Therefore, woe to you, governments, extortionists!  Woe to you, politicians, bureaucrats and enforcers of your own corrupt statutes!  Woe to you, bribers, manipulators!  Woe to you, bankers, tax collectors, usurers!  Woe to you, churches!  Woe to you, religions!  Woe to you, supremacists, socialists, communists, fascists, marxists, liberals, lawyers, priests, teachers, ministers, false prophets, phony psychics, preachers and other liars!  Woe to you, who harm children for your own pleasure, for you violate their flesh and forever distort their minds that they suppose themselves to be profaned before me even within their own soul, that neither your rituals nor your persuasions can remove; and I will avenge all their agonies upon you without ceasing!  Woe to you, deacons, corrupters, theologians, lying scribes, media and bureaucrats!  Woe to you, Lodges and Secret Societies; for all the intrigues and abominations you do in hiding I shall burn you openly, and I shall burn you forever!  Woe to you, who sit in Judgment of your own atrocities!  Woe to you, Knights, Potentates and all such vile, degenerate and putrid!  Woe to you, thieves both legal and criminal!
1434      ""Woe to you who shall lie male with male and female with female as male with female; for you practice a perversion most vile!  For in the Very Beginning I made male and female that a male husband might lay with his female wives, and all else is a perversion before me and a desecration in My Sight!  Yea, the anus is an exit for the waste into the draught and not an entrance for any reason.  And I made the womb to receive the seed of the male, and anywhere else in the body is a perversion before me and a desecration in My Sight!  Woe to all of you who have harmed any that they become such a one in their agony and in their desperation:  Yea!  Woe to you, who have caused and created any of the Harmed.
1435      ""Woe to you who profane and pollute the blood of your children with fathers and mothers not of the pure lineage of your own ancestors; for you are a Desecration and an Abomination before me and in the sight of all things pure and righteous, and I will not fail to burn you and all your polluted and degenerate offspring after you!  Yea, pure I made your fathers and mothers in the Very Beginning, of the same blood and of the same flesh, each Tribe (Race) unto itself did I make them; and pure I will require all their generations after them in the Very Ending!  Woe to whomsoever shall be called before me and be impure in the blood of more than one Tribe!  Woe to you, harlots and harlotmongers, for I will not exempt your gains by your harlotisms; for you have all done evil against My Peoples and without exception have done evils unspeakable unto Mine Anointed Elect Witnesses in all your Generations!  Yea!  Woe to all you who practice or propound all such vile perversions, putrid pollutions, corrupt iniquities, disgusting sorceries and immoral concoctions!  Woe to whomsoever shall be called before me and found to be one who even approves of the pollutions of My People, for I shall burn them with more agony than the soulless polluteds they have attained with their lies and false teachings and Doctrines of Death.""

1436      [INSERT:  The difference between a prostitute, a whore and a harlot is:  A prostitute is a female who must sell sex to secure sustenance for herself and/or her children or charges for which she is responsible, but only with males of her own race.  A whore is one who has promiscuous sex with or without an attempt to earn money or sustenance, but only with men of her own race.  A harlot is one who will engage in sex with males not of her race, with or without payment, or for a specific religious or political purpose.  The three are NOT the same.  You will note The Most High does not condemn the prostitute who has no other means, but accounts all her sins upon the heads of the financial and economic manipulators who created the situation.  Whores and Harlots are an entirely different matter.
1437      There are no such provisions for male prostitutes, their activities being covered under Holy Law as it applies to homosexuality and/or whore- or harlotmongering.]

1438      ""I shall kindle the Flames of Eternal Torment amultitude upon each of you, and not one of you shall escape The Wrath of My Holy Hand!  Nay!  Not one of you shall be found worthy in My Sight:  and I shall scatter your filthy bones, and spill your polluted blood, and pile your rotting bodies over and throughout your grand temples until those temples are more vile than the most contaminated sewer, and the stench thereof shall go up forever as a testimony against you!  And the rubble of all your temples shall stand thereafter abandoned, avoided as the places where the Righteous shall speak their Curses upon the deserving [nobody unqualified or unprepared dares enter any Place of Power]; avoided as the places where the most putrid relieve themselves; avoided as the places where the ignorant are shown demons who are embound there in their suffering, even as a haunted monument to My Wrath and the Holiness of Mine Anointed Ones whom you have abused in My Sight!  Yea!  Your temples shall be so violated that the most want of vagrants shall sleep naked in the storm upon the open ground rather than defile themselves with shelter of even a stone thereof:  and how much more My Wrath upon the souls of those of you whose blood and bones I shall have scattered there?
1439      ""For where there are Tribes there were pure peoples, and in the Very Beginning unto each Tribe I established My Own Essence within them; and in the Very Ending I will require My Own Essence as pure as it was in the instant of My Original Establishment; and woe upon woe upon all who shall not possess it!  Thus, Tribe unto Tribe, I will have them purified among themselves and at peace with all other Tribes; for I made them not for war, nor for their sanctimonious feuding, but to be a Great and Honorable People in My Sight to contribute and deliver unto My Greater Plans.  And unto all those Tribes and Peoples and Nations whereof they have polluted themselves, My Holy Ones and all their Disciples are a Testimony Before Me against them; and unto all those Tribes and Peoples and Nations whereof they shall purify themselves, My Holy Ones and all their Disciples are a Testimony Before Me of them!  And even as I have provided for the restoration and purification of Accursed Cush to come out of Accursed Canaan shall I also provide for all the Tribes and all the Peoples and all the Nations who will purify themselves; and woe upon woe shall not be sufficient for any who shall even attempt to dissuade the efforts of even one who shall seek to be pure Before Me or to deliver their generations after them pure Before Me.  Yea!  My Holy One has determined the ensigna and so shall it be.  Yea!  My Holy One has Righteous Power and Holy Authority to cause all My People to become Righteous in My Sight, and to purify all the Souls who will serve Me, even all those who are even now an offense unto Me and an abomination in My Sight.""

1440      [INSERT:  That includes all the Tribes of Europe, Asia, Africa, Malaysia, Polynesia and the Americas!  Now THAT will set all socialists and their leeching degenerates off on a defecation hemorrhage of the first magnitude!
1441      Even so, for those who want to be pure and deliver pure generations after themselves, the process is established and the procedure is clear.  Holy Law will not change.]

1442      ""Let it be shouted from the highest of the heights and echoed unto the deepest of the depths, among all the tribes and in all the nations, into the ears and in the sight of all the beings (males and females, including hidden extraterrestrials) upon the planet earth, it is herewith declared:  there is none worthy except of death save (except) Mine Own Holy Anointed and Elect One, Holy Witness of This Generation of Fire, even My Beloved El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH:  He That Brings My Holy Light Unto All the Dark Places, even He That is Called by My Own Name:  he who holds all the Keys to All the Holy Gates of All the Heavens; he that has all Righteous Power and all Holy Authority unto condemnation unto hell and unto death; he alone that is of My Own Testimony; and unto all unto whom My Own Testimony is not sufficient, know they are of the Demons and not of Me nor of Mine Own Anointed.
1443      ""And this is the manner of him:
1444      ""Ages beyond eons ago, I beheld a servant.  And this servant's name is Vegah (VAY-GAH) of The Mighty, Most Righteous and Honorable House of Din, of the lineage of Amalador (AH-MAL-AH-DOR), Ancient Kings of Gods originating in the galaxy known in the Angelic Tongue as Valetriea (WAL-LAT-REE-AH, in that Ancient Tongue meaning Beautiful Beginning).  Such a one coming forth from the three hundredth (300) Creation of the Creations of Heaven.
1445      ""And Vegah walked in all my ways, as did all his fathers before him.  And of all his fathers before him there are none unholy.  And all his fathers are perfect before me.  But Vegah spared not himself in my servitude, even above all his fathers before him, and denied himself all other things except knowledge of me and My Holy Ways.
1446      ""And he became a Mighty Servant.  And he became a Mighty Priest.  And he became a Mighty Warrior; for Lucifer had invented war and was about great disruption.
1447      ""Knowledgeable in Holy Law and powers as the Highest Priest of both his Order of Dominions and his Order of Thrones, knowing and understanding my mercies even as the Very Seraphim of My Holy Presence, and rightfully a Chairman in the Councils of Holy Service.  He witnessed the first conspiracies leading to the Wars in Heaven before the great and dreadful fall of Lucifer, who until then was My Chief of the Angels of My Holy Presence, who are all Seraphim.
1448      ""But mighty Vegah was tolerant, restraining himself at my direction, and obedient unto me only!
1449      ""And as the sorceries increased, and the battles of proof became even more insidious and violent, Vegah enlisted himself in my service.  Even though he had no heir in any of his incarnations nor in any of the sixty creations since his own creation to stand before me if he fell, he surrendered to My Holy Cause, not sparing himself nor asking anything more nor anything other than to serve me.
1450      ""It came before me that My Faithful Servant Vegah was becoming a pawn of distorted conversation [exactly as supremacists, socialists, communists, fascists, liberals, lawyers, journalists, bureaucrats, preachers and other liars distort any real truth with 'important and justice-sounding' half truths] because he had no heir.
1451      ""And I looked within the soul of My Servant Vegah, and lo!  His heart was sick within him; for he had denied himself even of his sher (soul-mate, source) whose name is Valiea (VAH-LEE-AH), that I had created with him.  Therefore, they had no heir to stand before me.
1452      ""But faithful Vegah had sworn an oath upon his own head before me, not to take unto himself either his wife or any other, to present issue before me until his eyes saw the sure and certain victory over Lucifer and all his Infernal Damnations.  And I will not forget nor hold guiltless any that defile such oaths.  And so in full and true obedience of his oath, Vegah was without his wife, and without issue.
1453      ""After a particularly violent battle where there were many permanent injuries but no deaths, and while he slept upon his bed, I summoned the Spirit of Vegah before me in the High Realms and there I examined the hurt of his mind and the agony of his soul.  And I found, that as with all true servants before me, he desired to present unto me his issue.  But Vegah's oath prevented him from his sher, and this was known to all of Lucifer's sympathizers, and they twisted it and distorted it and made much ado about it, and claimed an injustice upon me because of it.
1454      ""Therefore, I put it upon Vegah to require of me, in reward for his service, and I made it unto him that he could ask nothing light, nor anything towards relief or repentance of his oath.  Yea, because of me, he could ask of me nothing except I give unto him a son!  Yea, though it came from his heart and from his soul and from his mouth, I, and I alone, am the author thereof.
1455      ""And for him and all his goodness I created for him a son; but this son had no sher created with him, for he was not come forth from the uniting of his father and his mother, but of My Own Very Self did I make him in my determination.  So he was neither a spiritual negative (male) nor a spiritual positive (female) but was also not both, for that would limit him.  For I made him the first neutral in all of creation.  Of a male gender did I create him.  At the appointed time, Elisha [God's wife, mate!] handed him through the Great Veil into the arms of Valiea.  And they named him Aku; which means He Who Brings The Light of God to Dark Places [and thus the confusion with the name of the moon god of ancient Persia, as the word Akuria means deliverer from evil].  And it was in this same three hundred and sixtieth creation that My Own Firstborn, Immanuel, went beyond the Great Veil to dwell among you.
1456      ""And I created Aku the living evidence of sure and certain victory over Lucifer and all his dominions and all his Infernal Damnations, that when Vegah looked upon Aku he should also be free of his oath.
1457      ""And Vegah's sher, Valiea, nursed the baby and took him as her own firstborn, as which she sees him yet today even though the first-fruits of her are named Lishman and Lisha (meaning first of love).
1458      ""But Aku was special, and to remove any undue substance for the distortions of Lucifer, I decreed that Aku should live only by the conscious and continuous thought of his father Vegah.  And much to Lucifer's chagrin, I had set the act and the stage to prove My Servants Vegah and Aku, and make Lucifer the liar and murderer he is in the sight of all My Creation.
1459      ""And Aku grew in Majesty and Holy Knowledge, and became even more unto me than his fathers before him, who are all without fault since their beginnings.  After many ages of trial, error and failure, he learned the ways of war, beginning at the lowest and working his way.  He did that which was pleasing in My Sight, and was a great joy to his father Vegah.
1460      ""Lo!  For Lucifer had invented war, and so I embodied War and gave him life, and he was named Aku, and thus is El Aku before me even unto this day.  And it is at the hand of El Aku that I shall remove war from all the Heavens, and from all the Earths, and from All the Depths beneath All the Earths; Yea!  even from everywhere in all Creation:  for El Aku despises war as much as I do!  And it is at El Aku's hand that I shall require all the miseries of war upon all mankind upon the heads of all the Nefilim:  for El Aku is My Greatest Peacemaker!
1461      ""And then, while Aku was yet a young one, grown but not yet fully mature in stature or in wisdom, Vegah was engaged in the containing fight at Astarbaros (AS-STAR-BARE-OSS, place of many suns), and it required of him to concentrate on the battle at hand, and for a moment, forget and remove his mind from his beloved Aku.
1462      ""For the time of Aku's creation was of the 360th creation, and there had not yet been any death in these Holy Realms.  And though the fighting was often fierce, and there were many injuries, there had been no death and Vegah would not slay in My Sight.  Thus was his concentration removed from his son, El Aku.
1463      ""And in that moment when Vegah's conscious thought was directed elsewhere, Aku died.  And because Vegah withheld not his only child from me, I accounted it as righteousness unto him.  The first of all deaths in all my creation of those who are of a soul.  For though the fights of containment were many and violent, death did not occur from great injury, but a crippling and a disabling only in accordance with the injury many remaining even unto this day.
1464      ""Upon his return from the fight, Vegah was totally heartbroken and even his very spirit was in agony, yet he neither said nor thought any evil thing concerning me.  Knowing before the charge that Aku would die, he withheld not the life of his only son before me, and fought all the more furiously and totally without mercy as one bent on vengeance, and vengeance alone.  He felt no sweetness in his victory, and his victory was such that only one, the leader Astinahbad (AS-STIN-AH-BAD) was able to escape, even though he too was grievously injured.
1465      ""And so Vegah prepared his son for burial and built for him a great spire tomb, a towering column of purest white as a candle lighted its entire length.
1466      ""The spire was built that its summit would be enclosed by a transparent dome wherein would lie the remains of Aku, according a high view over all the surrounding terrain belonging to Vegah.  He built it in such manner that it would gleam forth over all his lands and properties, that there should be no place thereof from which one could not see the spire and remember the name of Aku.  And it still stands, lighted in all its beauty and open unto all, unto this very day.
1467      ""Now Vegah was in deep sorrow for the loss of his son; for as yet he had no other issue, and he would neither be consoled nor comforted.  He was as one in a daze, caring nothing except for revenge for the death of his beloved Aku.  He fasted often; he avoided all others; preferring to be alone in the vastness of his holdings or the unmapped depths and unending reaches of creation.
1468      ""At every opportunity he again avenged his son, inflicting destruction upon all Luciferians he could find.  He would search them out and pound them without adieu.  He made no distinction between young or old, high or low, strong or weak; if they were Luciferians he inflicted such great injuries upon them that few were mobile thereafter.  Yea, only a few:  that they carry word of Vegah's destruction unto all their fellows and their fellows carry that word on unto Lucifer.
1469      ""Now Lucifer had thought himself of a victory with the demise of Aku.  But the burden of Vegah's wrath diminishing his numbers continually made the victory a moot point indeed.  For Vegah did not disable a few of them, but great numbers of them!  Always without provocation, always without warning, and always without mercy!
1470      ""It came to pass that My Sons came before me to present themselves, and Lucifer was there among them.  He was come for to beg a boon of me, for those of his persuasion were sore afflicted by the ambush attacks of Vegah, and all that was theirs that Vegah could reach, he laid waste and spoiled.  Lucifer had obtained himself a great hold upon Vegah, but found himself with the tremendous problem of trying to rid himself of it [turning Vegah loose]!
1471      ""All the grand praises uttered on behalf of Lucifer at his feasts and gatherings were now but empty mockings.  His followers whined and pried him continuously for relief from Vegah.  For Vegah had become a terror even unto the demons; and struck without consideration at all their vital places, ambushing even the Seraphim of Lucifer's persuasion.
1472      ""The Luciferians would gather unto a holy feast, and Vegah would tear it asunder, leaving the sacrifices desecrated and scattered, the drink polluted and spilled, and all the attendants bruised and beaten beyond service.  Then Vegah and his hosts (armies, troops) would urinate upon the spoils, wounded and all.
1473      ""The Luciferians would gather at their sacred places for services, and Vegah and his hosts would raid them in the midst of it.  Laying waste all the preparations and sacraments, trappings and emblems, and defecating upon the whole of the destruction, attendants and all, before departing.
1474      ""The Demons of Lucifer had no place of peace or safety, even in the Lowest Depths.  And Vegah would not be satisfied.  The Luciferians could not rest, lest Vegah attack them; they could not dine, lest Vegah trample their meal; they could not remain still, lest he found them and inflicted massive injuries; yet they could not venture forth, lest Vegah pirate them as a raging vulture!  And then desecrate the remnants and the rubble.
1475      ""Lucifer had gathered a great treasure and made a grand display of it, saying it all as a price upon Vegah's head; that whosoever should slay Vegah and return his head unto Lucifer would receive all the richness of it.
1476      ""Vegah captured it all and carried it off within the hour!  Yea, it remains a portion of the birthright of the Generations of Vegah unto this very day.
1477      ""Lucifer required of me about the matter, but because of the boast of Lucifer, I would not recant Vegah and leave him without his son.
1478      ""And for the first time, Lucifer acknowledged error.
1479      ""Lucifer recanted and gave that I should restore Aku to life, but as a reward for Vegah's valiant service in a great Battle of Sorcerers that had just been won by Vegah.  A battle in which Lucifer had suffered another tremendous loss.
1480      ""And so I called to Vegah, and bade him take the new armor I forged in my very own hands and dress the dead body of his son.  I bade Vegah take the new saddle I made, and the new sword I made, and the new lance I made:  those that are come of Fire and lightning in the Anvil of My Own Hands; and lay them as tomb treasures unto his son.  And to clean the High Tomb of Aku, even as a temple.
1481      ""And when he had so prepared the High Tomb Chamber, I commanded Vegah to gather the whole of his household, even all his Fathers of That Mighty, Most Righteous and Honorable House of Din, and all their servants with them into the High Tomb of Aku in the Order of their rank, and to stand them all around about it in the order of their station.  And once the whole company were in presence:  to open new wine I had made and given him, and to drink thereof in the presence of that company, and when he had drunk a portion, to pour the rest over the body of Aku.
1482      ""And when he had done all that I required of him, I raised Aku alive and restored him unto his father Vegah.  For I had set it aforetime that the spirit of Vegah was the life of Aku and by Vegah's own thought did I raise Aku again unto life.  And in accordance with Vegah's thought, Aku was now a living soul unto his own and no longer required the thought of Vegah to have life, for Aku was life unto himself.  As Aku had been the first death of war, and as I had brought him forth to be war; I endowed him with all Righteous Power and Holy Authority to take peace from all the hateful and from all warmongers; and I blessed his Great Sword even as I endowed him with all Righteous Power and Holy Authority to take peace from all in whom I am offended.
1483      ""Then Vegah sent forth unto all the uttermost parts of heaven, unto all that would hear, to come and rejoice with him and his son that was dead is alive and walks again among them.  And they came from all the far reaches of creation to rejoice with Vegah, and to look upon his son.  And I saw that all who witnessed My Hand of Resurrection, even Restoration Unto Life From Death, was strength unto them and that it was good.
1484      ""Now, Aku was first a neutral, and lived by the conscious thought of his father; but from thenceforth, I granted him life of his own as with all other creatures.  And I created for him a great steed for battle:  having two heads that spew fire and lightning; with great wings as those of an eagle that it could both fly and hover; and it was on the manner of a horse, saving my own embellishments.
1485      ""And Aku named his steed Pegasue, which in the Angelic Tongue means My Other Half of Righteous Fire. The same is called Pegasus [in Latin] unto this day!
1486      ""The same is he that was known in the land of Thrace [Greece] of ancient times, and before that, and also in later ages as the Flying Scarlet Steed of Marathon.  And though the legends be many, most are but wishes and dreams of those who would sell their birthright to have a great steed like Pegasue.
1487      ""Aku and Pegasue trained well and became Mighty Warriors before me.
1488      ""And as Aku and Pegasue gained worth in My Sight, Lucifer lied and distorted that which I had done, claiming that I violated My Own Holy Law in bringing Aku back to life.  But the truth is:  that Aku died not in any service, but of the loss of conscious thought of his father Vegah; and I restored Aku to life at the request of Lucifer!
1489      ""Therefore, beware of all those who ask then turn upon the giver, for such are possessed of the vilest of demons; and all such do I despise without ending, and all such does my soul hate without repentance!  And they are amultitude among the courts, among the police, among the lawyers, among the educators, among the Catholics, among all the extremists, among the politicians, among the bureaucrats, among all the churches, among all the governments, among all the media, among the manipulators, among the financiers, among the corrupt, among the profane, among the terrorists, among the fanatics, among the whiners, among the socialists, among the marxists, among the communists, among the fascists, among all the liberals, among all the preachers and among all the other liars, Yea, and among the cowards!  Lo!  My Very Essence despises whomsoever shall say one thing and do any other!
1490      ""And if anyone shall do any such, or any other evil unto you, say in your mind but these three words:  "Aku Curse you," and in that Moment of Truth, because I always hear the name of My Beloved, I shall account it as spoken by My Holy Son of Fire (for he would have Cursed the violator), and the very Foundations of Hell shall not prevent me from My Wrath upon that servant of demons who justifiably carries the Curse of Aku.  Thus I speak unto all the wise and unto all the prudent, "It is better to avoid the Curse of Aku than to gain the whole of creation; for the whole of creation cannot describe the horrors the Curse of Aku shall bring upon them generation unto generation!"  Nor shall I ignore or pardon the justified Curse of Aku in That Day, for the justified Curse of Aku is forever.""

1491      [INSERT:  "Aku Bless you" has exactly the opposite effect!  The Most High shall neither ignore nor refuse the justified Blessing of Aku in That Day, for the justified Blessing of Aku is forever too.  Both are in effect immediately without the passage of time and if justified, cannot be removed by anybody other than The Most High.
1492      Invoke either without justification and the Curse of Aku will be upon you and all your generations after you forever.  Be a stupid mouth and invoke either to mock or impress those around you and the Curse of Aku will not only be upon you and all your generations after you, it will be upon all in that company and all their generations after them forever too who do not deny your stupidity and exempt themselves!
1493      Therefore, be neither a stupid mouth nor tolerate the company of any who will be a stupid mouth.]

1494      ""Lucifer is not a forgiver, and his soul was wroth at Aku, and at Vegah:  and to this day he plans and conspires against them.  But Aku came unto my service of his own free will, even as all his fathers before him, and he began to be great among My Peoples.
1495      ""In countless (a number of vast proportions) frays of dispute between the Luciferians and My Own People, Aku proved himself and gained the respect and admiration of superior and subordinate alike.  He was, and is, fearless as any in battle and his fury is so great that it became said in All the Heavens, "Better to offend The Most High Lord of All Spirits, who is want to forgive, than to offend Aku, Son of Vegah, for he is mightier in wrath than Satan and more unforgiving in battle!"  And it is true of him.
1496      ""And like his father before him, Aku began to be a pain unto Lucifer and a torment unto him even in Lucifer's most private chambers.  Aku would call Lucifer a murderer, a liar, a blasphemer, a corrupter, and a thief, even in My Own Presence!  He spared not the facts for diplomacy's sake [he still doesn't!].  Nor did he care for tact when violators were to be exposed!  Not only does he call a brick a brick and a rock a rock and a light a light and a diamond a diamond, he uses the most common understandable term!""

1497      [INSERT:  Ask any organization, politician, bureaucrat or journalist he has called into account!]

1498      ""Ah, Yes, his Righteousness before me has made him Holy, and his temper has rightly earned him the Title:  Holy Son of Fire!; although that Title was actually duly earned by other true service.
1499      ""Although it takes great special knowledge, he walks through the Main Gates of Hell as if it were his favorite spot of a garden, and neither Lucifer, the fury of the heat, the stench of the burning, nor the terrors of those depths prevent him.  The demons run from his presence, satyrs flee his footsteps, setyrs scatter from his voice, dragons and great devouring zaronixes hide in great fear and trembling at his approach.  All spirits can hear him, and dread his call upon them for they dare not ignore.
1500      ""He studied all the ways of war and its harsh and senseless realities, and he became a Mighty General before me.
1501      ""He studied My Ways and learned My Disciplines.  He learned to love My Laws, and obeyed My Practices; and he became a Mighty Priest before me.
1502      ""He practiced My Knowledge, sparing not himself, and he became the Second of My Great Mounted Warriors, even My Mighty Horsemen:  Immanuel, The Priest, upon the Mighty Haminadab (HAH-MIN-AH-DAB); El Aku, The Warrior, upon the Mighty Pegasue; Horus, The Judge, upon the Mighty Columbia (CAH-LUM-BEE-AH); and Hammerlin, The Teacher, upon the Mighty Hadesium (HAH-DEE-SEE-UM).  These are the Four Great Horsemen of whom it is written (Revelation 6).
1503      ""Lo!  These are the Four Great Judges of The First Judgment of All the Earth, and the Four Great Judges unto That Great Final Judgment, even in the Court of Righteous Abel!  And no soul escapes the five of them.  Therefore, offend them not, for they are the Supreme Judges of All the Souls; and they are the Supreme Judges of All the Tribes; and they are the Supreme Judges of All the Peoples; and they are the Supreme Judges of All the Nations; and they are the Supreme Judges of All the Heavens Above All the Earths; and they are the Supreme Judges of All the Earths; and they are the Supreme Judges of All the Depths Beneath All the Earths; and they are the Supreme Judges of All the Realms, until That Great Final Judgment when they shall sit at My Hand as Supreme Judges of All Creation in My Own Court where I alone may overrule them.
1504      ""And their powers and their authorities are mighty.
1505      ""Of all my creations, Aku is the lonely one.  Even I am not lonely or without mate.
1506      ""But of all my creations, Aku is the Most Holy.  For he serves me not according to the precepts of men or angels, but as I myself have taught him out of My Own Mouth.  Neither is he the Most Holy by My Hand upon him, but of his own self, serving me of his own free will, as I would have him serve.  I do not need to force his obedience unto me nor unto any of My Holy Laws, and I do not.  Therefore, he is the Most Holy by earned right, and not of anyone else's doings or determinations, but of himself only.  And therefore, beware in his presence lest you incite My Wrath against you for your damnable unrighteousness for when in His Presence, in My Sight you are a vile thing by comparison!
1507      ""Were I ever to regret, then I would regret that I made Aku not of My Own Loins.  For he is a son unto me even as My Firstborn, Immanuel.  And they are more brothers in their own eyes than any other brothers of lineage in all creation, even my many other sons.  And these two are exceedingly mighty.
1508      ""Now it came to pass that the distortions and violence of Lucifer did not gain the full advantage he had intended, because the likes of Vegah and Aku and their hosts took him to task without delay or regard for their own survival.  Terrorism can only be a success when there are concessions that permit survival of the terrorists!  And terrorism is a failure when the extermination of the terrorist in any manner of the most horrible desecration possible is sure and certain.  But heed not the Demonics of Socialism, for even the destruction of the most vile can, and will be the subject of much more distortion and verbal attack, with such phony charges as 'overreaction' and other supposed 'injustices'!  But Vegah and Aku know all Lucifer's injustices and they accomplish justice of them again upon him at every opportunity.
1509      ""It became fully apparent that only the leadership had hope of survival for acts of terrorism because Vegah and Aku, under the command of mighty Seraphim Amatraelonael, took a full toll of those who perpetrated such actions, and those in leadership positions were never present at the scene of terrorism!  Indeed, the practice of terrorism became exceedingly unpopular because none of the terrorists survived injury!  No, not even one of them!  Yea, few who came against Vegah or Aku escaped total destruction of their intentions, and none who came against them escaped great injury.  Yet, the demons persisted.  For like the governments of man, only when the intended victim slays enough of the high commanders of the perpetrators do the atrocities cease, and only then just long enough for the high commanders of the perpetrators who survive to change and refine their tactics.  But the demon's losses continued to mount exceedingly.
1510      ""Therefore, the followers of Lucifer began to question both his ability to lead and the motives of his doings, and the recipients of any rewards for those who accomplished those doings.  It became apparent to many of Lucifer's followers that they were but pawns, to be fodder, for the comfort and glory of leaders who never, but never, exposed themselves to the dangers of the furies they incited.  And such is the practice of all socialists, of all communists, of all fascists, of all governments, of all politicians, of all bureaucrats, of all preachers and other liars, and of all their manipulators, even unto this day.
1511      ""When terrorists fortified themselves, they were bombarded and burnt without mercy.  When the terrorists took hostages for torture, the hostages were destroyed as necessary with them.  It only took once, and they took no more hostages.
1512      ""When they were burnt and all around them were but smoldering ashes, none except the rescued hostages were removed for healing.  And the place of that destruction was made a dung hill and a place for the rotting of filth and all unclean things heaped upon all that remained.  Lo!  For that which is disposed of as a demon suffers the horrors of Fire and Damnation upon a demon unto everlasting.
1513      ""When terrorists were captured, they were hung by the neck until their strength prevailed only to continue their suffering.  For a justly hanged one is an abomination unto me and that soul shall never again stand before me, but shall suffer Eternal Torment; and against That Great Judgment I shall visit the horrors upon that lineage for ten generations after them and three and four generations of their ancestors before them!  And if any descendant or ancestor prove righteous before me, I will not punish the Righteous nor the Innocent; I will burn the justifiably hanged one all the more.  And unto those who unjustly hang any innocent:  they are a greater abomination before me and their suffering shall never cease to increase unto everlasting.
1514      ""If time did not permit, when terrorists were captured, then they were mangled upon their heads; for a justifiably beheaded one is an abomination unto me, and that soul shall never see My Face nor hear My Voice ever again, and I visit the horrors upon that lineage ever after:  excepting only whosoever shall behead themselves to be rid of that great and vile Mark of The Beast.  And unto those who unjustly behead any innocent:  they are a greater abomination before me and their suffering shall never cease to increase unto everlasting.
1515      ""And so it was (and still is!).
1516      ""And because it was, Lucifer had no choice but to declare the final action:  he must separate himself from me with all his followers.  He must then declare himself equal unto me, and with all that would do so, depart from My Presence until it was proven once and for all.
1517      ""But a full third of my creations believed Lucifer.  They believed him because they would not think for themselves!
1518      ""And lo!  The majority of that third were those of the highest echelons of knowledge, intelligence and learning of all my creations!  Yea, the majority of those who should know better; the majority of those who arose to offices of great power and authority by their knowledge; the majority of those with the greatest experience!  Yea, the majority of all who have the least excuse!  Yea, all of those who seek their own glory, undeservedly or otherwise, glory for the sake of glory alone!
1519      ""And until that time of the Great Fall, there stood before me twenty-one Holy Seraphim of My Presence, and these are their names and the Essence of them:
1520      ""And these are those that still remain before me, all Holy Seraphim of My Holy Presence who witnessed My Anointing of My Own Lord Aku to be My Witness of This Generation:
1521      ""And these Seven still worship before me:
1522      ""Seraphim Amatraelonael (AM-AT-RA-EL-ONA-EL, Metatron), My Mighty Warrior and Chief of all My Generals of War.
1523      ""Seraphim Seraphiel (SER-AF-E-EL), The Present Chief of This Holy Order of Seraphim.
1524      ""Seraphim Jehoel (YEH-HO-EL), The Musician and Singer of My Eternal Praises.
1525      ""Seraphim Kemuel (KIM-U-EL), The Lawgiver of Destruction.
1526      ""Seraphim Nethanael (NE-THAN-A-EL), My Keeper of The Sacred and Holy Flame.
1527      ""Seraphim Ophaniel (OF-FAN-E-EL), My Master of Great Spirals (orbits, heavenly and earthly), The Finisher of all My Works.
1528      ""Seraphim Zophiel (ZOF-E-EL), My Watchman, even My Chief Sentry.
1529      ""And these fourteen are those who fell from Before Me, all once Seraphim by rank and still of such knowledge and powers until That Great Final Judgment.
1530      ""Lucifer (LU-SAH-FER), Son of the Morning, the Chief of them.
1531      ""Abbadona (AH-BAH-DO-NAH), The Compromiser:  too weak to ultimately lead and too cowardly not to follow.
1532      ""Aeshmodeva (ASH-MO-DAE-VA), The Raging Fiend (whom Aku slew in November, 1976 GCAD).
1533      ""Astarothae (AS-TAR-OTH, also known as Iblis) The Diabolical, the first of all hypocrites.
1534      ""Baalberith (BAL-BEER-ETH), The Scribe, the foremost forger of scriptures.
1535      ""Beelzebub (BE-EL-ZEB-UB), The Chaotic, First Lord of Masonry, First Lord of the Catholic, God of Templars, Emperor of Prisons and the murderer of innocents and children.
1536      ""Behemoth (BE-HEM-OTH), The Gorge, husband of Leviathan and the first sexual deviate and the first sexual defiler of mankind and lower spirits.
1537      ""Belphegor (BEL-FEE-GOR), The Wizard, he who turns good inventions to evil works.
1538      ""Forcas (FOR-CASS), The Mathematician, who practices geometry for deceptions, and is the first teacher of all Masonry.
1539      ""Leviathan (LE-VI-A-THAN), The Giant Swallower, the first of all gluttons, the only female among the Seraphim and soul mate (sher) of Behemoth.
1540      ""Mammon (MAM-MON), The Prince of Tempters, the great deluder of fools.
1541      ""Shemhazai (SHEM-HA-ZI), The Secret Keeper, who proves secrets cannot be kept and complicates everything.
1542      ""Urakabarameel (UR-AK-A-BAR-RAM-E-EL), The Twisting Orator, whose Title in Angelic is HAK-KAR-RAY-MAN and who Aku slew in My Presence at the Great Fall.
1543      ""Xaphan (ZA-FAN), The Keeper of The Fires of Hell, who once lighted the flame of my own torches.
1544      ""And these fourteen are those that betrayed all things righteous and holy and fell from My Grace.  All of them save Urakabarameel, who was slain in My Presence by a firearrow from the armaments of Aku.""

1545      [INSERT:  The Fall consisted of one third of all Creation but represented two thirds of all the Intelligencia!  The command structure of the Fallen has been top-heavy with rank ever since much to their detriment.]

1546      ""Now, when Lucifer came to resign from me, given privilege to approach, he came with deceit and with an ultimatum.  He had no intention of being true to his own proposition any more than any Catholic, any socialist, any communist, any marxist, any fascist, any politician, any police officer, any judge, any manipulator, or any preacher or any other liars have intention of doing any other than enslaving those who will tolerate their wishes.  And once under the domination of their powers, they hesitate not to slay all who resist.  And by such sign shall you know the false and the demonic.
1547      ""Lucifer demanded that I make him my equal.
1548      ""But such a thing cannot be so, for how can one be equal to that which was its creator?
1549      ""Foreknowing the treachery he planned, I refused.
1550      ""In the heat of the exchange Urakabarameel, who was Lucifer's chief counsel, took offense and made advance toward my Great Veil, unsheathing his slaying weapon.
1551      ""Without hesitation, and knowing they were outnumbered in that company, Aku sent a shaft (firearrow) through Urakabarameel, killing him on the landing before the Great Veil that is before the Great White Throne of My Holy Presence.
1552      ""Before any of them could understand what had happened, and while Urakabarameel was still screaming his last as he spiraled down at the impact, Aku had seated another firearrow and drawn deadly aim on Lucifer.  Had anyone even blinked an eye out of sequence, Aku would have slain him also.  For in All the Heavens and in All the Depths and in all the Realms of Creation, there is no escape from the firearrows of Aku.
1553      ""Lucifer dared not even whine, which is the practice of all traitors and enslavers when they are resisted in their endeavors by those who practice truth and right.
1554      ""Lucifer's life hung on the fine thread of Aku's temperament an extremely dangerous and unstable situation for anyone.  Lucifer's life was spared only because Aku did not want to further pollute My Holy Presence with another dead body of one I had created.  That, and that alone, saved Lucifer's life.
1555      ""I would have forgiven Aku, as I forgave him for the death of Lucifer's chief counsel, Urakabarameel.  However, Aku does not live in such manner as to need my forgiveness.  Aku lives in such manner as to keep my earned approval!
1556      ""Except for Urakabarameel's death scream crescendoing out of the launch and impact thunder of Aku's firearrow, there was an instant silence that lingered beyond the echoes.  The crash of Urakabarameel's armor as he fell, rolling down the steps to the bottommost landing, sent a shiver of shock through the whole of that company except Aku, Pegasue and Lucifer.  Aku moved not, his aim on Lucifer faltering not even a twit.  Pegasue under Aku was the perfect firing platform, targeted on Lucifer and braced for the fight.  Lucifer dared not move, even in reaction to shock, lest Aku make it Lucifer's last error.
1557      ""An understanding of the event flooded that company like a great earth surge (tidal wave, tsunami).  The sure and certain knowledge that now there was war in heaven that might soon consume all the Earths (the entire Physical Plane of existence!) was a terrible contemplation not yet fully comprehended.""

1558      [INSERT:  The term earth surge is a parallel reference to a storm surge, the tidal coastal waters that rise in advance of a huge storm or hurricane, only caused by an earthquake or earth axis shift.  For many years the term was tidal wave. But a "tidal wave" is the advance of water in its normal rise and fall of the tides when pushed to greater lengths by bad weather.  A more accurate term is "storm surge" when caused by a hurricane, et cetera, or "earth surge", also called tsunami, when caused by a massive land shift, be it a landslide or earthquake.  In this context it is a colloquial term that best expresses the meaning and intent in translation into English from Angelic.]

1559      ""All those in that gathering beheld Aku in great awe!
1560      ""Should one commit slaughter in The Very Presence of The Most High?
1561      ""Urakabarameel was lying dead on my landing!  He had one of Aku's firearrows protruding both sides of him, which was still smoking from both ends.
1562      ""The great question was:  should a subordinate draw weapon, even brace to fight, against a Seraphim of The Holy Presence?
1563      ""And the great answer is:  there are those undeserving of continued life (i.e., those who need killing!)!  And such should be slain as immediate as possible in justice and in truth!  In My Presence and before My Throne and before My Veil there is only Justice and Truth; and therefore unto such as Urakabarameel, even the lowest subordinate should have slain him!  For in That Day a great many will die a far worse death for far lesser offenses.
1564      ""But Lucifer wasn't silent because someone had tied his mouth shut!  He held his peace, daring not even to move, lest the firearrow in Aku's launch-bow silence him forever!  For as with all the corrupt, they must be alive to enjoy the fruit of their corruptions.
1565      ""Vegah looked to me in terror.  Would I now slay the son I had twice given him for profaning My Own Holy Presence?  He spoke not, but thought unto me, "Not his life, beloved Lord of Spirits, but mine in exchange .  .  .!"  And I sent back to him, "This son is also My Son, and I find no fault in him; neither shall he die nor be punished for this deed, but let Lucifer rescue himself from Aku.  If he can!"
1566      ""Lucifer moved not, but thought unto me:  "Shall this be?"  And I thought back unto him, "If you have ought against Aku, then you are privileged to try to survive him!"  But Lucifer declined, seeing that I, who would not lower myself to his station, would also not be his rescue.
1567      ""Then some of Lucifer's followers began a disturbance in the ranks, and a great fight ensued, spilling between Lucifer and Aku's firearrow.  Lucifer took full advantage of that tiniest instant of cover to flee.
1568      ""Though Lucifer ran from My Presence, after he was beyond the range of fire, the other Seraphim that went with him and all their hosts that remained loyal to them attempted to take the place by force.  Aku held many at bay that Amatraelonael's host gain the advantage, but he slew no more on that day.  But in the day that followed, Aku slew 30,000 at his own hand; and he slew more of them the second day than any other who fought on my behalf the first day of that great fall.  And in the interim of the violence Lucifer had instigated, only Aku considered that I had lost a son!  Even with all his arrogance and I hate arrogance more than any other free-will trait within the soul of the spirit Urakabarameel was my son, and he is lost unto me forever; and only Aku considered my loss and regretted only that Urakabarameel died at his hand.  Aku said not to me concerning the matter, and none can read his neutral colors save (except) me, and in his colors did I see his concern for my loss.""

1569      [INSERT:  Minds, spirits, souls and physical bodies reflect emit energies from extra low (fractions of a cycle) to light realm and scalar frequencies of the Highest Planes of Heaven, all of which have specific colors in accordance with the essence of WHAT that being really is and/or intends at the moment.  Metaphysicians have called these emissions the aura since the very beginning.  The segment INSTANT CLAIRVOYANCE shows how anyone can learn to see and eventually read and discern the aura of virtually everything in existence.  It's from where we get the term True Colors.
1570      The aura of El Aku is entirely different, except for his physical body, and even The Seraphim of The Holy Presence can't read him!  He's a NEUTRAL, the first in all Creation, and only The Most High can read his energies.  Lucifer was at an absolute disadvantage in the episode above, and all the other encounters with El Aku, because he can't read a damned thing in The Anointed's colors.  And neither can anyone else except The Most High!]

1571      ""But woe fell upon the demons in the third day:  for Aku was well equipped, and with his host had much logistics; and they brought down Lucifer's Supreme Headquarters in an unauthorized surprise attack!  They killed several and injured all of Lucifer's Generals and slaughtered the greater portion of their staff!  Pegasue was slightly wounded in the fray, but was on parade the fourth day.  So great was the damage inflicted by Aku and his host that unto this day Lucifer must convocate in the open, surrounded by too many of his hosts that should be posted elsewhere in good military science.  But he dare not do otherwise.  Yea!  He dare not:  for there might be an Akurian on the horizon!
1572      ""And the fall of Lucifer was great, and the battles of the wars in my heavens continue unto this day because of it.  And of these battles there is death until That Great Judgment when I shall restore all for That Great Trial and their reward or punishment thereafter.  For all shall be awakened for That Great Final Judgment, and as they shall have lived and done until they died, so shall My Judgment be upon them!  For I hear not repentance at the last breath nor at the end of life, but only at the deeds and duties of every hour as life passes.
1573      ""Therefore, take warning!  For as you die, whether in your sins or in my service, so shall you be Judged in First Judgment to see the whole of it, whether you shall burn or repose and in Second Judgment, to determine if you should burn until the loosening of Lucifer for a little season or return unto restitution, and again in That Great Final Judgment which shall determine unto forever!
1574      ""And that you be not ignorant of these things, this is the manner of My Judgments:
1575      ""Lo!  You do greatly err concerning all The Judgments.
1576      ""The First Judgment, of all the souls of earth [the Generations of Ish] are judged by Righteous Abel (Adam's son who was killed by his brother Cain); even the highest and the mightiest.  Any and all, high or low, may appeal unto the Four Great Judges, even The Great Horsemen.  All those, especially the high and mighty, who appeal to one or more of The Great and Mighty Horsemen are saying, in effect, that Righteous Abel's determination is not just and righteous.  But in all the Generations of Ish, Righteous Abel has never been overruled by the Four Great Judges, nor has his imposed sentence been reduced so much as one twit by those Mighty Horsemen.  Nay, not even once!""

1577      [INSERT:  Although no penalty given by Righteous Abel has ever been reduced, each and every penalty has been increased, both in severity and duration, upon all who appeal to any of the Great Four Judges!
1578      It's not a matter of rote, it's a matter that Righteous Abel is never wrong!]

1579      ""The First Judgment is near unto immediate following death (usually within seventy-two (72) to one hundred sixty (160) earth hours following death), and is for the determination as to whether a soul should burn unto the age of the loosening of Lucifer for a little season or as to whether a soul should repose and review itself and all its deeds since its creation, or perhaps to sojourn embound near unto its deeds or the place of its death.
1580      ""The Second Judgment is the Final Judgment of all the earth, and shall follow the Holocaust and Tribulation and shall establish the Thousand (1,000) Generations of Peace.  And there shall be those who shall burn unto the loosening and there shall be those who shall return some in spirit, some in flesh, and some in both unto restitution of that which they did and must restitute in full.
1581      ""Then following the Thousand Generations of Peace, Lucifer will be loosed for yet a little season, and then shall come the Great and Final Review of Judgment of all the Heavens, and all the spirits, and all the souls, and all the tribes, and all the peoples, and all the nations, and all the Earths (unto other worlds), unto everlasting.  And this only is the manner of those Great Judgments.
1582      ""Understand:  There are but two Judgments and one Final Review.  Those of misdeed, save (except) the raping or injury or murder of the innocent and children, including the pollution of their own bodies and the bodies of their generations after them, shall have consideration for repentance and restoration.  But those who have Blasphemed The Holy Spirit of Truth [the most severe form is racemixing] which shall never be forgiven in My Sight, shall burn without ceasing and without hope of any rescue or relief lest they repent, and then they shall remain in danger of The Judgment.
1583      ""Understand:  I am a God of Great Mercy and I am a God of Great Pardon and I am a God of Great Forgiveness, but pure and unpolluted I made all things, living and dead, in the Beginning, and pure and unpolluted will I require all things, living and dead, unto the uttermost ending.  For I am righteous and pure, and I hate and despise all uncleanness and all pollution.
1584      ""Understand:  Lucifer has made his boast and must appear in that final time to either be the master as he has claimed, or to become the destroyed as his punishment.  Now his time is short unto The Second Judgment and the end of this vile and putrid civilization and all its polluted peoples.  Now Lucifer's time unto fulfillment is measured upon earth in phases of earth's moon, in periods of earth's days, and even in hours.
1585      ""And so as I have always done, before the Great and Dreadful Day of My Vengeance, I have provided for a remnant among my creations; and I have given a great leader to guide them, to train them, to discipline them in all My Holy Ways; and to prepare them that it might not be that all should perish.  For it is true that I am not willing that any should perish, but I will not have filth nor pollution in place of cleanliness and purity.
1586      ""As I have always done, throughout the Generations I have sent unto My Own:  him whom I have appointed; not always a royal in That Generation, but often a layman of That Generation, to be My Holy Witness of That Generation and to rescue My Promised Holy Elect Remnant of Disciples from among That Generation.
1587      ""By the reckoning of time upon the earth, about the time the sun did enter the sign of Aries in the year of 1922, I called My Son of Fire before me, even Aku, My Living Lord of Vengeance.  And I spoke unto him, giving him great responsibility, and giving him great duty, and giving him great authority, and giving him great power that he Bless or Curse as justice require of him and giving him final preparation to be my last Anointed and Elect One of this Civilization [the Generations of Ish] upon Earth.  Even if the whole world turn unto me and I destroy not the tribes and nations upon the Earth, Aku is my last Anointed of the Generations of Ish.
1588      ""Yea!  For in The Restoration there shall be no intermediary between the soul and myself!  Yea!  Each soul shall have exclusive communion with me, even in the High Realms of My Holy Mountain (i.e., Plane of Heaven, see Chapter 41.)!  Lo!  Is it not even now within the Righteous Power and Holy Authority of the True Proven Knowers of My Testimony to discern sin and recommend pardon?  Yea!  Even for yet a little season shall they do so!  And for then another little season shall the True and Faithful Proven Knowers of My Testimony have both Righteous Power and Holy Authority to forgive those forgivable sins even as the vile priests of That Great Harlot of Babylon at Roma, the Roman Catholic Church, who are the greatest of all anti-consciousness (anti-Christ!) and who profess to have such Righteous Power and Holy Authority but they do not!  But in That Day of Restoration neither the soul nor I shall have need of any mediary to stand between us!  And for this purpose too has Lucifer declared against me.""

1589      [INSERT:  Note the above paragraph again!  It clearly states the anti-Christ is actually That Great Harlot of Babylon at Roma, the Roman Catholic Church, that has no True Righteous Powers or Holy Authorities whatsoever!  Be sure to remember the word Christ actually means conscious as with respect to being awake, aware and knowledgeable and was NEVER the name of any Anointed or Messiah, especially Immanuel whom the idiots call Jesus.]

1590      ""For Lucifer selected earth as the final proving ground, and Lucifer selected earth as the final battlefield; therefore earth is the site thereof.  And the Valley of Jezreel Armageddon (a pollution of the name Megeddo) is the determining battle thereof.
1591      ""And because of the long and perfect service unto me by My Beloved Aku, of The Mighty, Most Righteous and Honorable House of Din, even My Holy Son of Fire, have I sent unto the designated battle zone My Own and Only Anointed Witness unto this vile and corrupt and polluted Generation of Fire.  Yea, and thus is My Beloved Aku alive among you, and My Own Anointed and Righteous King over you.  Yea, and thus is My Beloved Aku, My Own Anointed High Priest and My Righteous King over all the tribes, and all the peoples, and all the kingdoms, and all the nations of the earth, even the whole world and all the dominions around about unto the far reaches of that (this) system.
1592      ""So upon the earth, in the mountains of Appalachia, of humble parents, did I bring forth El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH, at 7:38 in the morning on March 24th, in the year of 1936 (GCAD) (1 Nisan 5696), at Fort Grande, West Virginia.
1593      ""He was born out of the seed of Abraham, of the lineage of both Ishmael and Isaac, and of Isaac out of the lineage of Jacob, and of Jacob out of the stem of the lineage of David, and all on both sides of that parentage:  James Howard Cunningham and Beulah Nay Groves Cunningham, his wife.  He was the fourth of four sons and the fifth of five children who lived, and the seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son including those who did not survive to adulthood, for seven generations.  And the names of those brothers that lived are:  Howard Merle, the eldest son, Billy Kenneth, the next son, Virgil, the next son who died as a child, Betty Jean, the only daughter, and Robert Ferrell Cunningham, known in All the Heavens as Lord of Lords King of Kings El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH, First Avenger of The Most High Lord of Spirits, Second of My Great and Royal Mounted Warriors.
1594      ""And he grew, knowing both the beauty of the mountains and the poverty of that land.  He began to sing, and became a musician, and his name for that art is:  Bobby Farrell.  The same is My Holy Son of Fire, and Mine Own and My Only Anointed and Elect One in the Earth, My Holy Witness of This Generation, and of whom alone is My Testimony of Righteousness.
1595      ""And he is the hated one of all churches, of all socialists, of all communists, of all fascists, of all marxists, of all liberals, of all conservatives, of all thieves, of all politicians, of all court judges, of all police officers, of all bureaucrats, and of all religions, and of all preachers and other liars, even That Great Harlot of Babylon at Rome and all her Harlot and Whore Daughters professing Christianity, of all Jews who have followed the defilement of My Holy Law by Levi, of all Muslims who murder innocents thinking I shall approve them, of all who murder themselves in My Name thinking I will not burn them for their atrocities, of all fools, of all self-important, of all those possessed of demons, and of all those possessed of their own self-righteousness and their own self-ignorance.
1596      ""Yea!  He grew in righteous questioning, but he knew me not!  I did not reveal myself unto his consciousness until the time was fulfilled, and then did I confirm that I named My Name upon him in All the Heavens Above All the Earth and in all the Earths and in All the Depths Beneath All the Earths and in the Sight of All the Living and in Testimony of All the Dead.  Yea!  I named My Name upon him for My Own Purposes and that My Commandments be neither forgotten nor ignored and because he has righteously earned both the Honor and the Title and the Station and the Standing.
1597      ""And now that you may know:
1598      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is not of any second coming;
1599      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is not of any nonexistent 'rapture';
1600      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is not of any 'meeting in the air';
1601      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is not of any 'church';
1602      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is not of any 'doctrine';
1603      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is not of any 'plan' of 'preachers' and other liars;
1604      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is not of any ideology (socialist, communist, fascist, democracy, republic, et cetera);
1605      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is not of any government;
1606      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is not of any organization of governments;
1607      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is only of Mine Anointed One!
1608      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is upon the Earth only, and only in the Holy Places of Refuge as I have provided.""

1609      [INSERT:  That's right!  Only a totally deluded fool thinks 'the space brothers' are going to save them!  And only the most idiotic think there will ever be such a thing as a 'rapture' when the word is not found anywhere in any True Holy Script!  Therefore, when you hear anybody endorse the 'rapture', know for a fact you are in the company of the most deluded of fools!]

1610      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is only of those that are disciplined in all the ways I have established and which Mine Anointed and Elect One shall instruct;
1611      ""The rescue of the Holy Remnant is only of those who shall prove and obey My Own Holy Commander over them, even Mine Own Anointed and Elect One.
1612      ""The Holy Remnant in Refuge, even all men and women of age, must be of [possess] four great qualifications:
1613      ""One:  They must be Proven Knowers of My Holy Anointing upon My Beloved Son of Fire;
1614      ""Two:  They must be of proven spiritual ability;
1615      ""Three:  They must be qualified in military disciplines; and
1616      ""Four:  They must be expert in some trade [or professional] expertise.
1617      ""Thus it is, and without exception!""

1618      [INSERT:  With respect to military:  The Most High being a Lord of Hosts and thus a General of Armies as explained before, has a great affinity with all Men and Women of Arms.  That they often harm innocents and non-military properties in obedience to their orders toward any given objective is always viewed in a totally incorrect manner.  Collateral damage cannot be avoided, regardless of the efforts to contain and/or limit it.  Collateral damage is an irrevocable part of the violence of war.  Military personnel who inflict that violence, even if in support, are NOT held liable for any collateral damages, human or otherwise, whatsoever!  A justified MILITARY operation is a JUSTIFIED military operation, and those who are ordered to duty and perform that duty within the limits and scope of that duty DO NOT carry any burden of responsibility or liability for any collateral damages as a result of those duties.
1620      The warmongers and manipulators who are those REALLY responsible for any and all acts of war and violence, CARRY ALL THE RESPONSIBILITIES AND LIABILITIES and will answer for each and every molecule in That Great Final Judgment!  That's right!  They are going to give full account for each and every speck of dust, blood, pain, suffering, and death whether in-uniform or not!  They are going to give full account for each and every second of grief, each and every farthing of cost, and each and every loss and all the after-effect consequences.  No exceptions, and no exclusion of details.
1621      UNDERSTAND:  There is a HUGE difference between a JUSTIFIED MILITARY OPERATION and a 'holy war' or 'war of liberation' under any other name!
1622      And THAT changes a whole lot of rules in damned short order!
1623      Fighting a MILITARY campaign against a MILITARY intrusion is NOT the same thing as blowing up, kidnapping, or murdering innocent people in the 'name' of 'holy war'!  There is NO JUSTIFICATION for any 'holy war' except to ESTABLISH and MAINTAIN the ABSOLUTE AND ALL-INCLUSIVE RIGHT of any individual's right to establish and practice ANY religion with which that individual wants to involve themselves!  Since there is no such thing as a TRUE religion that advocates either the harm, restriction, observance or practice of ANY OTHER religion that obeys the same rules, The Most High TOTALLY CONDEMNS any and all 'holy wars' to such ends!  Even the Wars of Conquest necessitated by The Holy Promises of The Most High WERE NOT 'holy wars', but PUNISHMENTS upon those tribes, peoples and nations as also promised!
1624      Therefore, to fight against socialism, communism, fascism, or any other FREEDOM-OF-THE-INDIVIDUAL-LIMITING political scheme is not only justified, it's required! By whatever means prove to be necessary!  However, that DOES NOT include nor excuse the deliberate murder or imprisonment of innocents by suicide operatives, strike teams, et cetera, in the name of 'holy war' or 'liberation' when the 'liberators' are only a different brand of Enslaver!  Nor does any such campaign justify the rape or other abuses of victims who are entrapped by those so-called 'liberators'!  All who involve themselves as suicide operatives, strike teams, murderers, kidnappers, rapists, et cetera, and all who recruit, train, indoctrinate or support them are going to burn right along with the socialist, communist, fascist, extremist, warmonger, manipulator and any and all of their supporters!  And they are going to burn forever!

1626      Socialist, communist, fascist, extremist, warmonger, manipulator:  BEWARE!  Your days are counted and numbered AGAINST you!  You will pay the full penalty forever for each and every fool you've deluded and each and every other person you have caused to be harmed, including all their lost, destroyed or denied property and earnings.  All of it.  Even down to the last, most minute detail.
1627      The Anointed Witness of This Generation of Fire, all the previous Anointed Witnesses before This Generation of Fire, and all their Disciples (Proven Knowers) and supporters are going to Testify AGAINST you in That Day!  The current smirk on your faces will be gone in an instant when you begin to scream in fully justified agony of your Eternal Burning!]

1628      ""Of those who will be of My Holy Refuge, to be Citizens of My Holy Kingdom on Earth, even My Kingdom of Akuria, Yea; to be numbered among My Holy People and accounted worthy in all their Generations after them unto all creation, this also is My Unalterable Word:
1629      ""I will not have any of impure lineage in My Holy Temple nor those who will not purify their lineage among My Holy Remnant; neither will I accept the socialist, the communist, the fascist, the marxist, the liberal, the conservative, the thief, the punk, the politician, the corrupt, the profane, the polluted, the coward, the namby-pamby, the undisciplined, the disobedient, nor any church, nor any other doctrine, nor any preacher nor any other liars.  Neither shall I accept the insubordinate, nor the morally deficient, nor the extremist, nor the fanatic, nor the self-righteous, nor the supremacist.  Nay, I will not accept any who are in violation of My Holy Commandments:  which all Christians and all Levites and all Jews and all Muslims are; Yea, even the Buddhists have fallen short of My Glory and My Holy Ways!
1630      ""Therefore, Bless My Holy One of Israel, even My Anointed Lord El Aku, and I will Bless you!
1631      ""Therefore, Bless My Holy One of Ishmael, even My Anointed Lord El Aku, and I will Bless you!
1632      ""Reject My Holy One of Israel, even My Anointed Lord El Aku and I will reject you!  For he is the Holy King of Israel!
1633      ""Curse My Holy One of Ishmael, even My Anointed Lord El Aku and I will Curse you!  For he is a Holy Son of Ishmael!
1634      ""Ignore My Anointed Lord El Aku and I will ignore you!  For he is the High Priest of all High Priests!
1635      ""Resist My Anointed Lord El Aku and I will resist you!  For he is the Supreme Lord of all the Earth!
1636      ""Accuse My Anointed Lord El Aku and I will accuse you!  For he is My Righteous Testimony!
1637      ""Abuse My Anointed Lord El Aku and I will abuse you!  For his is My Promised Intermediary!
1638      ""Judge My Anointed Lord El Aku and I will judge you!  For he is My Supreme Judge of Supreme Judges!
1639      ""Violate My Anointed Lord El Aku and I will violate you!  For he is My Holy and Righteous Avenger!
1640      ""Disobey My Anointed Lord El Aku and I will destroy you!  For he is My Own Holy Master set over My Own Holy house!
1641      ""But I shall do thus unto you many uncountable times over and more!
1642      ""You can live, or you can die!  I have multitudes who are alive by their obedience, and I have multitudes that are dead by their disobedience.  I shall rejoice at your life, but I shall not mourn your death!  Neither will I fail to burn you for your sins because of your death.
1643      ""To the disobedient:  there is a final limit of my mercy!  A soul cannot desecrate me and My Holy Statutes all its life and then repent unto me for forgiveness when they know death is imminent!  For they have lived in their sins and they shall die in their sins, and any who suppose differently is a fool, and any who teaches differently is a liar.
1644      ""Therefore, be wise, and live.
1645      ""And to live, you must prepare now for the Days of Holocaust and the Days of Tribulation and the Days of Horror when I shall come to shake the earth unto the very foundations of its uttermost reaches, to overturn the whole planet in great fury and in great horror and unto great destruction.  And I shall withhold That Day only on behalf of My Holy Son of Fire, and only then if he require it of me.
1646      ""But to die, you need only continue to follow the Doctrines of Death of the Demonic; those that call you to their 'salvation', to 'give your life to Christ' that you must give them your money!
1647      ""For My Beloved El Aku is not the anti-Christ:  That Great Harlot of Babylon at Rome and all her Harlot and Whore Daughters and all their Doctrines of Death are the true and original anti-Christ (anti-conscious)!  Yea!  Even the willing minions of Lucifer, the Lord of Darkness, who comes posing as an Angel of Light!  Yea!  My Beloved Son of Righteousness teaches you the way to be conscious of me and all My Holy Ways!  That you should know and understand all these Holy Things of yourself, that you can experience My Own Holy Presence in My Own Realms of Heaven, in your own place and at your own time!  But the churches and paganistic Doctrines of Death teach only silliness, sorceries, deceptions, demonics and hypocrisies; and they spare not every vile thing against My Holy Teacher of Righteousness, even My Holy Son of Fire.
1648      ""The 'anti-Christ' are all those that teach the paganisms of That Great Harlot of Babylon at Rome, the Roman Catholic Church and all her Harlot and Whore Daughters:  Sunday Sabbaths; gee-sus (That's right!  The Most High, Himself, mocked the name "Jesus!"); 'eternal life when you die'; and the demonism that the Second Coming of Immanuel will be before the fire and horrors of global destruction; and profess some other rescue than that of My Own Appointed Places of Refuge, under the Command of My Only Earthly Witness, even My Living King of Akuria, even El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH, He That is Called by My Own Name!
1649      ""And to live, you must prepare now for the Days of Holocaust and the Days of Tribulation and the days when I shall come to shake terribly the earth, and to tear down every temple and every church, and every statue and every monument, and every place of the demons, and every government and every authority not of My Own establishment, and every institution of man other than My Own Holy Places of Refuge.  For the hour of destruction and the hour of Immanuel's return are not the same hour, and not even the angels of My Very Presence know either the day or the hour of the Destruction nor of Immanuel's return, for I alone know the day and the hour and the minute and the second and the division thereof.
1650      ""But to die, you need only continue to follow the dictates of corrupt and enslaving governments:  to surrender your rights and freedoms that I, Myself gave you, unto them in their damnable lies of 'crime preventions', 'justice', 'socialisms', and 'honorable administration'!  And therefore I warn you:  be not disarmed by any government; for in the very day you are unarmed and thus unable to resist, you are then and there enslaved through the process of their vile legislation!
1651      ""Therefore know:  Be not deceived by any government, for they shall come professing great advantage in the disguise of metrogovernments and regional governments, removing all local authority and control from the citizens and removing all accountability to the governed appointing all the offices of power to their own corrupt and degenerate.  But they are liars and murderers once they are empowered by their foolish victims.  Accept them and you shall die.  Resist them not and you shall die.  For you shall have surrendered yourself and your generations after you unto enslavement of your bodies, your minds, your souls and your spirits.
1652      ""Therefore know:  Legislated Enslavement is an abomination before me equal to the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel, The Prophet, for it is a whole portion thereof!""

1653      [INSERT:  The grave of the Prophet Daniel is still accessible in the ancient city of Nineveh, currently known as Mosul, Iraq.]

1654      ""Therefore, know:  If you intend to live in My Holy Ways; if you intend to present your own soul before me; if you intend to present before me a Holy Remnant from your loins; if you intend to exist for all eternity before me:  (then) there is no choice whatsoever except absolute obedience to My Holy Laws as given for ages and taught pure by My Beloved One of Israel, My Beloved One of Ishmael, even My Own Holy Son of Fire, Mine Only Ordained, My Anointed One in the earth, Mine Elect One of the Holy Remnant, and My Appointed King of Akuria; for he alone is responsible unto me for The Elect and Holy Remnant!
1655      ""There are no Refuges except his Refuges; there are no rescues except his rescue; there are no 'god's peoples' except his peoples, even My Beloved Akurians!
1656      ""I care not whether you like it, I will not change one iota of it!
1657      ""I am not want to rescue all the peoples of earth, for there are but a very few worthy of rescue; but rather I am want to rescue that very few, only a remnant.  Yea, only a remnant.
1658      ""Even that remnant is not of all the peoples of earth!
1659      ""For in That Day, there shall be neither Christian nor Accursed Canaanite; neither half-breed nor any not of pure blood in all the lineage of all their generations; nor any communist nor communist sympathizers, neither any 'liberals' who are but communist's unwitting pawns; nor any fascists nor fascist sympathizers, neither any supremacists who are but fascist's unwitting pawns; nor anyone who does not exactly obey all My Holy Ways!
1660      ""Nor shall there be any there who advocate any other worship before me than that given unto Mine Own Holy Anointed and Elect One; for that worship is unchanged in all the Generations from the Very Beginning, and none other in all the earth worships me in right manner save Mine Elect and Holy One and My Own Holy Proven Knowers!
1661      ""But what of the rescue of that Holy Remnant?
1662      ""Shall 'praise gee-sus' be sufficient for me to consider?  No!  Nor shall any other praises of themselves; for true worship is not of a great noise, neither is it of a din and a clatter; but of continuously working toward that which I command to be done!  And 'praise Jesus' is not found anywhere among any of My Commandments.  No!  Nor shall such ever be found among any of My Commandments!
1663      ""And shall I wave a magic wand and create organizations, fortifications, supplies, equipment, facilities and logistics and then with another wave transport the hymn singers and other hypocrites to safety within the walls?  Nay!  For of such do fools, and the filthy, and the stupid, and the mockers, and the lazy, and the cowards, and the deceived, Yea!  even the deluded desire!  For of such do the idiots and the profane prefer in their mocking!  But be not concerned with all those, for in That Day of Horrors they shall Die the Death in The Great Horrors for their filths, stupidities, profanities, pollutions and mockings.  And none shall gather them unto My Holy Refuges.
1664      ""And if I should do this, who among them is capable to lead them and to set forth organization?  And even if one were able, would those of any other 'faith' or denomination adhere to him?  Or would they factionalize into their own 'cliques' and 'clans'?  If I were to deliver this, thus would they all do!  And in the day they did thus, they would surely have set the seal upon their very own Death Warrants!  For if they are thus before the rescue, then they cannot be other during the rescue, and neither can they change after the rescue.
1665      ""Therefore, they have set their own seal upon their own Death Warrants already!
1666      ""But how shall I be about the rescue?
1667      ""And there must certainly be powers to overcome the impossible; and I have established it and all the ways thereof.
1668      ""There must certainly be organization; and I have established it and all the ways thereof.
1669      ""There must certainly be preparation; and I have established it and all the ways thereof.
1670      ""There must certainly be preservation; and I have established it and all the ways thereof.
1671      ""And I have given it under the Hand of Mine Own Anointed and Elect One!  He is the Chief of My Priests, the Chief of My Commanders, the Chief of My Holy Worshipers, My Own King of Kings, My Own Divine Monarch, and the First Lord of My Holy Elect Remnant:  and all these things by earned right in Righteous Service before me, even at My Very Hand!
1672      ""Either he shall testify of your doings in goodness, or he shall testify of your doings in evil; and as he shall testify, so shall it be!  For I, Myself, testify, that:  his Testimony is true.  Therefore he will not testify of you on any other terms except My Own!  For he is my sole and exclusive, My Chief Witness of This Generation of Fire; and I myself have taught him out of My Own Mouth!  Therefore, ignorance of My Holy Will is not in him!  Therefore, his Testimony is true and he shall but verify The Holy Scripts of All The Heavens and All The Earths, which are The Book of Life's authority (see Chapter 41 for more details about access to those Akashic Records!).  Therefore, you have been given truth and warned against evil.
1673      ""Concerning the organization:  it is already established, and it awaits your application.  For there shall be none at the Feast of the Bridegroom who are not invited.  And that invitation is not granted.  It is earned!  Therefore when the Holy Gates are shut, and The Elect Remnant are inside, safe and nourished, the rest of the world shall be outside in a world of horrors, terrors, and unrelenting pestilence and rampant starvations.  It was well stated that there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth; Yea, and so shall it be upon all the multitudes!
1674      ""For all those locked outside the Holy Gates shall bemoan their procrastination; for there shall not be any late-comers!  For all those locked outside the Holy Gates shall grit their teeth in unending agony.  For enslavement, murders, pestilences, plagues, pain, suffering, disease, cannibalism, lootings, abuses, rapings and war over the whole of all the lands upon all the tribes and upon all the peoples in all the nations shall be the reward of procrastinators!  Yea!  There shall be no place of safety from the fury of combat, nor shall there be aid or comfort for the injured and afflicted, neither food nor water nor any comfort for the multitude, Nay!  There shall be neither rest, nor sleep, nor any relief from the agonies the procrastinators and the self-righteous shall have brought upon themselves.
1675      ""Concerning the preparation:  it is a matter of severe discipline that will in its turn produce great logistics because of My Blessings upon those disciplined!  For the preparations are immense, not only concerning the disciplines, but being made capable to learn and understand My Holy Laws; made capable to prevent all intrusions; and to know My Voice within your own soul!
1676      ""For My Anointed King is not My Final Prophet; though all My Anointeds are Prophets as I give unto them, all My Prophets are not My Anointed Witnesses of the whole world:  but this is him of whom it is written that shall make preparations for My Holy Elect Remnant.  And it is of his authority that the preparations of the people shall be, that in That Day when I again venture forth the Spirit of Elijah, that the people of the Holy Elect Remnant shall be ready for the tasks and duties that shall be put upon them and shall be required of them.
1677      ""But know this for a certainty:  only those inside My Holy Refuges shall know My Spirit of Elijah, both in righteousness and in comfort; and there is none other place to which I shall send the Spirit of Elijah!  And know this for a certainty also:  the whole world shall know the truth of the terrors and the justice of the horrors because of Elijah, and at his hand shall they suffer all I shall bring against them!
1678      ""Therefore, I, The Most High Lord of Spirits have declared it; and therefore is the Hand of The Most High Lord of Spirits upon the Holy One of Israel, the Holy One of Ishmael, even Mine Own Anointed and Elect One of This Generation!
1679      ""Concerning preservation:  the Holy Elect Remnant shall survive only if My Disciplines are enforced, My Holy Laws obeyed, and My Will accomplished, and all that under The Hand of My Holy Son of Fire!  For this I have ordained it and thus shall it be!
1680      ""Upon his head first shall I account it if there are those that adhere and they be lost; but I shall not account it upon Aku's head, nor upon the heads of My Holy Proven Knowers, if any are lost of themselves!
1681      ""Those that procrastinate, shall not be accounted;
1682      ""Those that honor not, shall not be accounted;
1683      ""Those that learn not, shall not be accounted;
1684      ""Those that discipline not, shall not be accounted;
1685      ""Those that disobey, shall not be accounted;
1686      ""Those that serve not, shall not be accounted;
1687      ""Those that neglect, shall not be accounted;
1688      ""Those that adhere not, shall not be accounted;
1689      ""Those that concern not, shall not be accounted;
1690      ""Those that perform not, shall not be accounted;
1691      ""Those that practice insubordination, shall not be accounted;
1692      ""Those that practice sedition, shall not be accounted;
1693      ""Those that practice treason, shall not be accounted!
1694      ""Only those without blemish before me who are lost at El Aku's hand shall be accounted upon El Aku's head!  And unto those few My Beloved Son of Fire is capable unto all things of all My Holy Ways!  Therefore, I am not concerned.
1695      ""For the disciplines are extreme, and indeed must be; for the conditions upon the earth shall be extreme, and lesser standards are but Death Warrants.
1696      ""And concerning preservation, there shall be no churches survive!
1697      ""Woe to those that expend on the churches and await that church's rescue!  For that rescue shall never come, nor shall that rescue ever be accomplished.
1698      ""For rescue is not of the churches; neither of 'faiths'; nor of 'beliefs; nor of 'doctrines', nor of 'signs' unto any supremacists, socialists, communists, fascists, marxists, liberals, false prophets, phony psychics, preachers and other liars, nor of any of the like or of that kind.  But rescue is of Knowledge, and that Knowledge only of The Elect, and My Promised Elect Remnant are only of The Akurians!
1699      ""And that Elect are the Proven Knowers of My Appointed Ones!  For only the Proven Knowers cannot be deceived by Lucifer or anyone else.  And only My Proven Knowers can even begin to understand My Holy Ways through their years of programmed paganisms and in spite of the injected guilts and massive distortions of the churches and their paganistic doctrines.
1700      ""For it is the practice of the churches to clutter and confuse in order to inject guilts, idiocies and false doctrines; for a free and understanding mind would not be ignorant enough to accept such silliness.  Therefore, one must see through the doctrines of the churches before truth is even visible!  And woe to the soul whose mind is blinded by the doctrines of the churches, which are the Doctrines of Death.
1701      ""And woe to all those living and dead in That Day who are not Proven Knowers of My Anointed Elect Ones of their Generations!  For if they are aware of My Own Chosen and Living Authority among them, and they reject, their loss shall be upon their own head!  And if they be kept ignorant of My Own Chosen and Living Authority among them by other people or forces, their loss shall be upon the heads of those people and forces who suppressed all these Holy Things!  Yet I am against them, for I have given unto the very essence of every soul to know these things of themselves, and thus I will not hold them entirely guiltless.
1702      ""And woe to all those living and dead in those Days of Holocaust, and those many Days of Tribulations that shall follow, that are not secured safely away in My Holy Refuges with My Holy and Anointed Elect One!
1703      ""For upon the earth shall be horrors unimaginable:  radiation contamination and fallout; famine and great crying for water; cannibalisms and starvations such was not unto that time; afflictions and pestilences as the stink of the sewers; severe storms that shall not be quieted; unquieted crimes as rampant as dust in the very air of breath; massive earthquakes unlike any ever before; Yea, the earth shall rock to and fro like a drunkard; plagues of agonies without a grain of relief shall be rampant upon the whole world; earthquakes, earth surges (tidal waves), massive floods and inundations shall consume the whole earth; enslavement of the whole world shall be so cruel, even the light of an evening star shall seem unjust; Yea!  destructions so extreme the mind of man cannot imagine!  And:  these are not the signs of the times, but are the penalties of past sins and injustices and vile atrocities for deliberate disobedience of My Holy Law!
1704      ""Yea, and the end is not yet:  for there shall be governments and churches fighting for global power; evil fighting evil:  one in the name of the people and the other in the name of the lord; both being liars, murderers, hypocrites and merciless enslavers!  For the fight at Harmageddon (Megeddo) is not between the good and the evil, neither between churches or socialists; but between two evil forces seeking total global domination!  And when it becomes apparent that neither side can win, Lucifer will then put it in the minds of both sides to leave nothing upon the whole world usable for the other!""

1705      [INSERT:  Here is the socialist agenda for the enslavement and destruction of any nation.  Enough nations equals the whole world!
1706      In any order obtainable:
1707      Gain control of the nation's monetary system under any pretext by creating economic depression or other financial disasters and take full advantage of any incident to enhance a greater stranglehold thereupon.
1708      Gain total control of the courts and legislative bodies to force changes in any law or statute to eliminate liability, responsibility and exposure of the treasons to be committed.  "National Security" works every time.
1709      Gain control of all information media and entertainment to ensure the populace is programmed to see and hear only that which benefits the legislated enslavement and destruction of the nation agenda.
1710      Force the acceptance and liability of created wars upon the general populace to maintain the diversion of their attention to manipulate the economy of the nation against itself.  No nation can economically survive socialized medicine.
1711      Force the acceptance and liability of chosen religions and religious practices regardless of how immoral or degenerate and governmental destruction of others upon the general populace to maintain the diversion of their attention while manipulating the nation against itself with conflicting laws and floods of misinformation until there are no moral or spiritual guidelines in the nation.
1712      Force the inability of personal self-defense by weapons controls to enhance the criminal and violent activities of the native or non-native subculture.
1713      Force racial degeneracy by requiring the mixing of races, and in the absence of a non-native subculture, import them under any pretext to ensure as much criminal activity as possible.
1714      Force integration and racemixing under any guise.
1715      Force the acceptance and liability of racemixing and its inherent problems upon the general populace.
1716      Force the cultural and intellectual dumbing down of the entire nation by reducing educational standards to accommodate the substandards of the native or non-native subculture.  Success of dumbing down is evidenced when those who will not think do stupid things gleaned from entertainment.
1717      Force greater poverty upon any available native or non-native subculture.
1718      Force addiction and disease of native or non-native subculture.
1719      Force the acceptance and liability of addiction and disease upon the general populace.
1720      Force all inequality of native subcultures and immigration of non-native subcultures with grand-sounding lies and cannot-work laws to compound economic hardship upon the nation.
1721      Force the acceptance and liability of subculture crime and violence upon the general populace with more unjust and inept laws to maintain the diversion of their attention by compounding economic hardship upon the nation.
1722      Force enslavement-level individual identification to control the populace under any guise; social relief and crime prevention are two of the best.
1723      Force exemptions for the native or non-native subculture by law regardless of how unjust and unequal.  Success is evident when immorality is forced into acceptance by special laws enacted under any workable guise.  (Forced bussing to achieve a racial balance that only applies to Negroes, gay rights and "hate crime" statutes are prime examples.)
1724      Force taxpayers to carry the costs of non-productive native or non-native subcultures under any guise of social justice.
1725      Force all foundations of power industries out of the nation to weaken the economic base and defense capabilities.
1726      Force the acceptance and liability for job losses and economic treason upon the general populace.
1727      Force the import of cheap and substandard quality products upon those who no longer have a viable economic standing due to the loss of jobs and substandard education.
1728      Force the acceptance and liability of corrupt government upon the general populace to maintain the diversion of their attention.
1729      Force government surveillance both openly and in secret until the population is completely intimidated by threat of secret courts against which there is no appeal.
1730      At every opportunity arising from any of the above, be prepared to take advantage and force the next achievable step regardless of the order.
1731      When the normal conduct of the natives looks like, talks like, acts like, mixes with and glorifies the degenerate substandards of the native or non-native subcultures and none can protest against any of it that nation has already legislated its own enslavement and destruction.
1732      Is any of the above familiar?  If not, scratch the surface anywhere and see how long it takes to find a kak-jew running the show openly or clandestinely and raking the money.]

1733      ""Behold!  The leadership of both sides already know for a certainty they cannot be the total victor!  Therefore, even now they prepare to destroy all the earth that none who might survive shall have it!
1734      ""Behold!  Russia, being rid of its public communism and permitting all its former enemies to absorb and extinguish its massive debt is quietly standing back and supporting both sides!  They think to let the European Economic Community and the Asian Economic Conference demolish themselves and then conquer the winner.  For all three are but puppets of the One World Government manipulators!  Therefore, the manipulators of the New World Order of One World Government plan to have victory regardless of which of the three eliminates the lesser two!
1735      ""Behold!  Russia shall not be left in peace nor remain untouched!
1736      ""Behold!  Neither shall any government rule the whole world other than My Own Holy Kingdom of Akuria, even though the whole world shall lay in ashes that shall burn and stink for ages and ages!
1737      ""For once My Fury is ignited:  in order to prevent man's total destruction of life on the planet, there must be My Own Intervention; Yea, for The Elect's sake I shall shorten those days, and I shall intervene on behalf of My Promised Elect, even My Beloved Akurians!  It would be better were man to prevent My Fury than to hope to survive it!
1738      ""But the wars shall be long and burdensome.  And the effects of the destructions shall make life near to unbearable upon the whole earth except in My Holy Refuges!  And for generations the wars shall continue, weakening the air, water, soil and all life [forms] upon the earth:  moreso than would the industrialization of China.  Yea, and thus shall be the greater pollution until the Holocaust!
1739      ""Then following the immediate aftereffects of the Holocaust, for a generation no rain shall fall to moisten the soil, and the whole earth shall wax dry.  And after the great drought, for yet another generation it shall rain every day, flooding and drowning without mercy.
1740      ""And then shall The Restoration begin!  Yea!  even with a generation of near-spring over all the earth.
1741      ""And during all this time, both of wars, of droughts, and of deluges, woe to all who are not safe in My Holy Refuges; and woe to all who are not of My Proven Ones, for my mercy shall not be upon the heathen nor upon the corrupters.
1742      ""For My Refuges are Places of Peace, even though war shall sweep over them, proving My People in fire that they be as pure gold, without slag, and worthy to stand before me.  For those that are not worthy, I shall exterminate that they pollute not The Restorations of My Planet!
1743      ""Of thus have I spoken it, out of My Own Mouth is it uttered; and I shall not repent of it, nor shall I fail to bring it all to pass.  Yea, far better that man should prevent my fury than to attempt to survive it!
1744      ""And on what manner is this rescue established?
1745      ""The order of it is military!
1746      ""Extreme order for an extreme situation:  this is the nature of the Holy Remnant; where none can ignore the doings of their governments and are required to involve themselves by law!
1747      ""And the order and organization of the military establishment I have given, and it is perfect!  In That Day I shall not forsake my troops who have disciplined themselves and stand their posts in Righteous Honor.  Neither shall any enemy come against them and know victory.  But whosoever shall come against them shall find a great heat of terrible battle, a tremendous fury, suffering excessive bloodshed, great injury, unaffordable losses and extreme death.  Yea, whosoever shall come against My Holy Host shall find neither mercy nor escape!  Yea, whosoever shall come against My Holy Refuges shall find them a mighty people, dangerous to offend, capable of extreme violence, expert at massive destruction, merciless and without qualms concerning great slaughter and total destruction of their enemies!
1748      ""For My Holy Refuges are mighty temples, filled with the Righteous and the pure and the dedicated!
1749      ""From the youngest to the oldest, there are trainings, duties and assignments; but the family unit is the most important!
1750      ""The elders among My Proven Knowers are responsible, and their counsel is law!  For if they obey My Holy Statutes, I shall not dim their minds nor afflict their reasoning in their gray hairs.
1751      ""The father shall be the first of the family order, then the mother, and the burden of the household shall fall upon the eldest, whether son or daughter, in their generations:  whom all the younger in their order shall obey, and to whom all the younger in their order shall enforce and give true account.
1752      ""When one parent is called to sleep with their fathers, thus shall it be:
1753      ""Should the mother be called first, it shall in no wise reduce or diminish the authority of the father; and if the father be called first, it shall in no wise reduce or diminish the authority of the mother; but their care and advice of household shall remain until both of them shall sleep with their fathers.
1754      ""Unto the eldest shall the family adhere; and when the father or mother or both shall reach the age of retirement, they shall no more be required at the mill or in the field, but shall in no manner be prevented therefrom.  Until both father and mother sleep with their ancestors shall the family abide:  the eldest sons bringing their wives into the household and holdings, but the daughters leaving to be with their husbands at the homesteads of their husbands.  And if there be no son to retain with the father and the mother, the husband of the eldest daughter shall receive the father and the mother of his wife; and the other daughters and their husbands shall not withhold their portion of the obligation!
1755      ""The inheritance shall not be divided until both mother and father sleep with their ancestors, and thus shall it be divided:
1756      ""Unto the firstborn, son or daughter:  one-half of the property and possessions or the value thereof if redeemed by the other children.  The domicile and grounds shall be accounted first, and if the domicile and grounds be more than half the inheritance, then the eldest shall redeem of it unto the other heirs that the land not be divided.  Neither shall the heirs be removed from off the land if they desire to stay, but they shall work the land as determined by the senior heir.
1757      ""The remaining half shall be divided equally among the other heirs in accordance to the generation number thereof, thus:
1758      ""To the other sons and unmarried daughters:  a full measure of one-half the remaining half; to the married daughters:  one-half of the remaining quarter that they have dowry in their old age, and the last quarter given as shall be the desire of the parents as indicated prior to their passing.
1759      ""Servants owned by the household shall be considered next; and those of the age of twenty years may be divided of their families in the separation of the inheritance, but a servant shall not be separated from wife or husband, nor husband from wife, neither from their children under the age of twenty.  And of servants, they may be redeemed according to the laws of inheritance.
1760      ""Livestock shall be considered as part and parcel of the inheritance and shall be divided according to the laws of inheritance, and may be used as value to redeem.
1761      ""And in the Days of Restoration, all the laws I gave unto My Servant Moshe (Moses) shall be established in all the earth and shall remain forever.
1762      ""And the Holy Remnant shall be military, both in the household and in the field in times of crisis; but in times of peace, the order of the family shall prevail.  Neither father nor mother shall be left alone in their gray years, nor shall they be taken to an underling's roof without it being justified by all the family, the leader of the Councils of Ten concerned and the Senior Commander of the Provost Area.
1763      ""Widows and orphans are the property and possession of the King, and they shall be administered by the highest celibate priest unto the King.
1764      ""A daughter may return unto her family upon the death of her husband, or for any reason of separation therefrom, but shall in no wise relinquish any due from either service unto the King or from her husband or from his inheritance; nor shall her children relinquish any due in either instance.  For upon the death of a husband the whole of his inheritance shall be the property of the wife until her own passing; but if a father or mother righteously deliver an inheritance, even the birthright, unto sons or daughters before their passing, it shall stand as the law of the land.
1765      ""A son may not separate himself unto his own family until the inheritance is settled; but may remove himself unto his family into his own domicile, or to property provided by his own hand.
1766      ""The Holy Remnant shall be military, self-responsible, disciplined to know the whole truth, that their days be long and many upon the earth, and they enjoy their children and not regret them as with this corrupt and blood-polluted (racemixed) generation.  And they shall not be of 'liberal' mindedness which pollutes the youth, degenerates the morality, increases all ignorance, and defiles the bloodlines of their lineage by racemixing.  Lo!  Such are the greatest of abominations unto me.
1767      ""The Holy Remnant shall be military, self-responsible, disciplined to stand before me in the Days of My Vengeance upon the earth; that I not confuse them with the low, the Christian, the socialist, the communist, the fascist, the liberal, the supremacist, the politician, the heathen, the corrupters, the manipulators, the pagan, the polluted, the preachers and other liars who are the vilest of all the earth!
1768      ""Thus shall the Holy Remnant be established!
1769      ""And in the Days of Restoration, when My Chosen Twelve Legions of Israel (144,000) spoken of by My Servant YON-AE (St. John, The Divine of Revelation) shall stand in ranks before me, there shall be no 'christian' among them, nor shall there be any bastard, half-breed, heathen, infidel, corrupter, or any of any of the denominations of earth!  Neither shall there be any to stand before me that are not pure in all their lineage and all their generations!
1770      ""Yea; save the Tribe of My Servant Dan (Denmark), not counted among that army, for they have polluted my law and my bloodlines forcing the heathen upon their own tribe ever along the serpent's trail even unto and into the lands of Norway and Sweden, all shall gather forth from the Refuges in That Day; and show forth my honor, and my mercies to those that serve Me in Righteousness and in Truth; Yea, all of the Tribes of Israel, except Dan.
1771      ""And in the Days of Restoration, when those that have endured the horrors of the Holocaust and the sufferings of the Tribulations come to their senses and begin to slaughter both politicians, bureaucrats, priests, supremacists, socialists, communists, fascists, marxists, liberals, false prophets, phony psychics, preachers and other liars, all their followers, supporters and families who brought these things upon them; and shall cry from their places of sufferings unto My Holy Chosen People to come and teach the ways of Holy Laws for only the Proven Knowers and the dependable doers of My Holy Law shall have escaped the horrors then shall the Select People of That Generation go forth from My Holy Refuges unto them and teach them.
1772      ""They shall be those of That Generation of My Holy Remnant, qualified by True Spiritual Knowledge, and proven in all things of My Holy Ways, wise and aware that their fathers and their mothers did follow My Holy Appointed and Elect One unto safety and unto redemption.  And they shall be those of That Generation of My Holy Remnant, raised in houses of honor according to My Holy Law, educated at the feet of all those qualified to teach, strengthened by labor both in the fields among the livestock and the produce, upon the waters as merchants and fishermen, amid the constructions and repairs of My Holy Refuges, and in the purification of water, of seed and of livestock.  Yea, they shall be both knowledgeable and strong, and in That Day of Restoration, they shall read, write and speak all the languages of man that they may teach him likewise, that in turn they may teach also their own generations after them.
1773      ""And of them, My Holy Law shall Reign at The Hand of My Holy Princes for one thousand (1,000) generations!
1774      ""But the One Hundred Forty-Four Thousand (144,000) come not from any other place, nor from any other authority; neither do they have any other seal upon them than that gained by righteous duty in My Holy Refuges.  And there are none other Holy Refuges of My Promised Elect Remnant than those under the hand of My Own Beloved Son of Fire!
1775      ""My Peace be upon El Aku for all that this shall require of him!
1776      ""Therefore, know and be informed, that only My Hand can shield the Holy Places, and without me they are not Holy!
1777      ""Therefore, know and be informed, in all the places and among all My Beloved Akurians, in all My Holy Places of Refuge, My Holy Anointed King rules in my stead, that you might approach him both for knowledge and justice instead of the practice of law for there is much ado in matters of the law that have nothing to do with justice, which is the reputed intent of the law and to gain knowledge of him and to learn!
1778      ""And there is much to learn.  For without True Knowledge there is no hope of rescue.  Neither from the Holocaust nor the Tribulations that shall certainly follow, nor from the Eternal Wrath I shall administer for all sins against me in the Days of Final Judgment.  Therefore, gather yourself unto My Appointed One, for he hears My Voice:  and I speak not unto any other.
1779      ""What?  Have you not heard, have you not read, that in all My Generations I speak only to My Own Chosen Ones and remain silent unto all others?  Did I not once speak unto all the House of Israel, and the utterance was so terrible unto them that they made My Servant Moshe to hear My Voice and to say it again unto them, that My Voice should not destroy them?  (Exodus 20:18-21; Deuteronomy 5:5) Yea, and again I reverted to my former practice of speaking only to My Own.  For I spoke not to the House of Israel to change My Holy Laws, but to answer that which was asked of me by those who would not prove Moshe as My Anointed One, but rather wanted to hear My Voice for themselves.  Yea, they wanted to hear My Voice, but not to learn My Holy Ways and obey me in all my doings, but for their own glorification of being a hearer of God!  Yea, they wanted not to follow Moshe, My Anointed One, but to have his Commission unto themselves!  And so it is even unto this day concerning those who will neither hear nor heed My Beloved El Aku alive among them, but prefer his Commission unto themselves:  which they do not have!  No!  Nor are any of them qualified to have!
1780      ""Therefore, know:  I speak only to My Own, and only to My Own on my terms in my own times; and I never 'put anything on anyone else's heart' for of all such is against My Own directed Command and Order of Station, and all who claim such are fools, deluded of demons, or deliberate liars!
1781      ""Even so, in the days of the Feast of the Bridegroom, and of those within the Holy Places of Refuge:  there shall be no more the need of either priests or Anointeds.  Each soul requiring of me shall hear me within themselves, and each soul seeking My Truth shall visit up in My Holy Planes of Heaven, even up in to My Holy Mountain and experience all things and all knowledge for themselves!  Lo!  Have you not heard?  Do you not understand that I would that your greater beginning should begin when you have become as I am?  And the last hope of mankind to become as I am, even a Great Lord of Spirits, is vested in My Beloved El Aku and held out to all who will become My Holy Remnant!
1782      ""And in all good things shall they be satisfied!
1783      ""And now that you know all these things, that I have digressed and cast forward that you should not be unaware, this is the manner in which I have commanded My Holy Son of Fire to gather and prepare for My Promised Elect and to rule over them as My Own Holy King.  And know also:  that whosoever will be counted among the Righteous in That Great Final Judgment must gather to My Own Holy Teacher of Righteousness that you may learn My Holy Ways.  For My Holy Teacher of Righteousness is My Holy Son of Fire:  El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH, He That is Called by My Own Name!
1784      ""Therefore, whosoever will burn may neglect my Teacher of Righteousness, defame and mock as they will, and in That Day I will surely burn them.
1785      ""Therefore, whosoever will be of My People shall neither neglect my Teacher of Righteousness nor withhold My Holy Due from his hand.  And in That Day I will preserve them:  all of them!  Yea, all of them who are My People, without exception.
1786      ""Therefore, this is the manner of him:
1787      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he is the most hated of the whole of the House of Levi and the whole of the House of Judah and the whole of That Great Babylonian Harlot at Rome and Constantinople, the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Christian Church, and all the vile of the whole of the House of Ishmael and all the spiritually and intellectually bereft of the whole world.  And because they hate me, they hate My Holy Anointed because I chose them not!  And I chose them not because they are laden with abominations generation upon generation, and they will not repent and turn from the sins of their fathers.  And I named My Own Name upon My Beloved El Aku:  and I did not name My Own Name, nor the name of anything in all the many Planes of My Heavens, upon any other of them for they are a desecration and an abomination in My Sight!  Thus My Anointed Son is My Testimony against them in all their days and all their deeds, and I shall burn them all in That Day.
1788      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he is a Lord of Lords even before My Very Presence and they are not!  The vile and the corrupt and the profane seek his station and his honor and are angered at him because they can neither walk in his boots nor sit in his saddle; Yea, they seek his authority and his appointment and are infuriated even as Lucifer that they can neither speak with My Blessing nor approach unto My Presence!  He does with impunity that which to them is impossible, even with the full blessing of all their fellows and all their gods.  Yea, and all those who hate My Beloved Son of Righteousness, even El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH, for his office, and his station, and his authority, and his appointment, even his honor, I will burn!
1789      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for his spiritual gifts are not of himself, but only of me, and he speaks not on My Authority when he has it not; but when he speaks on his own authority he clearly identifies his own limitations, and I rejoice in his Righteousness when he errs in his own doings and declares the fault for the failure upon himself and his own limitations!  For such is True Righteousness.  Yea, and all who attempt against him in all such things are attempting against me only, and I will burn them!""

1790      [INSERT:  Would the thieveries and defamations against The Anointed by the kak-jews at ASCAP, BMI and SESAC be considered hate crimes by their bought-and-paid-for courts and media?  We doubt it.  The equal justice provisions of the law only apply to the corrupt and morally degenerate who can afford to buy it against those who will not surrender to such socialisms.]

1791      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he neither carries himself as a superior nor will he tolerate any intent of superiority over himself or his office except to guarantee My Eternal Burning of the perpetrator!  In this he is exceedingly cunning, and has caused many thousands to burn.  Yea!  the justified Curse of Aku is no less a horror when from his own mind as when from any other victim, save (except) when from his own mind even My Very Angels of My Own Presence are instantly aware.
1792      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he sets forth no great presentations, although quite capable of grand display, that those who approach him be required of themselves to respect His Holy Office rather than spiritually empty, righteousness bereft, great and glamorous trappings as do the heathen, and the 'christian', and the stupid.  For it is I who established The Holy Office, it is I who established My Beloved El Aku in That Holy Office, and it is I alone who Testifies unto the very soul concerning all these Holy Things:  and yet that is not sufficient unto many!  And of all those to whom My Own Very Testimony is not sufficient, I will burn!
1793      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for I, Myself, have Declared that whosoever approaches him be pure in spirit and in truth; which I have not done of even My Very Angels of My Own Presence; that every socialist, communist, fascist, marxist, liberal, conservative, morally deficient, extremist, fanatic, self-righteous, supremacist, thief, punk, politician, corrupt, profane, polluted, coward, undisciplined, insubordinate, disobedient, preacher, liar, and everyone of evil, be damned at their own hand and upon their own head for their violation of their presence in My Own Holy Place in accordance with My Own Holy Law.  For it is I who established The Holy Office; it is I who established My Beloved El Aku in That Holy Office; it is I who established the Righteous Requirements of My Own Presence and endowed My Own Righteousness upon That Holy Office and upon My Beloved El Aku who has earned the right to sit upon That Throne; and it is I alone who have appointed the penalties and devastations of all who violate My Holy Decree:  that whosoever shall profane My Holy Office or The Presence of My Holy Son of Fire shall destroy themselves at their own hand and upon their own head!  Yea!  Whosoever shall mock, question or profane anything I have established as Righteous, I will burn!""

1794      [INSERT:  To be able to question in the search for Righteous Truth is one thing, but to question that Righteous Truth once you know it to be Righteous Truth especially that which has been testified to by The Most High as being Righteous Truth is justifiably dangerous ground.
1795      But there are fools who can and will mock, question and profane anything and everything of Righteousness because 'they' were not chosen for Holy Appointment.  Were they intelligent enough to actually think, they might understand the reason 'they' were not chosen for Holy Appointment is due to their own stupidity.]

1796      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he is a Commander of my training who trusts only in me in all things; and he will not command or rule on anyone else's terms!  And because he will not command or rule on any of the terms of men, he is hated for my sake!  Yea, and all who attempt against his Command and Rule, I will burn!
1797      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he is not a 'man of the cloth' nor does he conduct himself or My Holy Order (The Akurians) in any such manner as would please any such!  And because he will not conduct himself or My Holy Order on any such terms of men, he is hated for his Righteousness, of which they have none!  Yea, and all who defame him because he will neither adhere to, nor tolerate, such attempts to control him or My Holy Order, I will burn!
1798      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he is a simple man, simple in appearance, simple in manner, simple in conversation, and simple in his dedication unto My Holy Commission.  He cares not one twit for anyone else's opinion!  Though he constantly seeks sound advice from those around him, he makes all final decisions and he alone accepts total responsibility for those decisions, but he cares not a twiddle for the opinions or determinations of any other, whether in power or not!  And all those who attempt to restrict, control or persecute him or his people, for any reason, I will burn!
1799      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  he despises all government because all government is worthy only to be despised!  For all the governments of men are putrid in policy, corrupt in administration, liars in all their publishings, treasonous in all their doings, and seek only the continuance of their own power over the peoples!  Yea, all the governments of men serve no other purpose nor do they have any other agenda save (except) the Agenda of Evil.  Therefore, My Holy Son of Fire is hated by all governments:  because in his hand is the Sole Torch of Perpetual Freedom!  Yea, and all those of government and of servitude who shall be the enemy or a party to the enemy of My Holy Son of Fire, I will burn!
1800      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for his Judgment is My Judgment and none other living creature has either the understanding of me nor My Vested Authority to sit in Judgment as I require!  Therefore, his Judgment is true, and the judgments of all others are rife with pollution, full measures of corruption, contempt for justice, contempt for the truth, contempt for the law and contempt for the citizens!  Therefore, My Holy Supreme Judge of Supreme Judges is hated for Justice's sake!  And all those who will attempt against his Judgments seeking to defame him in the eyes of men and either the spirit or the letter of the law, I will burn!
1801      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  therefore, when you approach unto his presence, know that I hear all that reaches his ears, even if he ignore it!  And know that I know the hearts and the purposes of all, and you cannot approach him with mercenary intent and escape my recognition of your desecration!  Though he suffer you without restriction, he knows that I will burn you!
1802      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  therefore, when you approach unto his presence, approach with a pure heart, even as a toddling babe, lest he suffer you unto your own destruction!  For you shall bring no test unto My Holy Anointed Witness among you:  but shall bring your 'tests' [note that contempt] unto me, lest I burn you!  Yea!  as with all my other Horsemen, I sent you My Holy Son of Fire as a Testimony against all the Vile and all the Evil; to rescue and prepare a select Remnant of Akuria unto me; and when I gather him unto me, only his True Disciples (Proven Knowers) will have either power or authority before me, and that not in his name.  Yea!  and he still rides with My Lord Immanuel, and with My Lord Horus, and with My Lord Hammerlin, in his place and in his station as Lord of War and Lord of Fire and Lord of Lightning; and they shall bring My Wrath upon all mankind who are evil before me.
1803      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for though I endow unto him infallible spiritual knowledge in my own time and for my own good pleasure, and though I endow him with Secret Knowledge, Righteous Power and Holy Authority to teach you Holy and Powerful Things in My Name, he is not your fortunist [resident psychic, fortune teller]; neither have I Commissioned him to catch you when you fall!  But I have given him much knowledge, All Righteous Power and All Holy Authority over the whole world and all thereof and all there around about, even unto the far reaches of the light of the sun, to command you and to rule over My Holy People in my stead.  And I have permitted all who will to learn at his feet, to serve at his hand, and learn what he teaches, and come when he calls, to go where he sends, and to do whatsoever he requires:  for he does none of these things for himself, but only because I require such unto him.  Yea, and to all who will not obey that which I send unto them through My Holy Son of Israel and My Holy Knight of Ishmael, even My Beloved El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH among you, I will burn!
1804      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he will not administer on anyone else's terms except mine, and he will neither account nor demonstrate to anyone regardless of station except me alone!  Therefore, fool, jealous, self-righteous, publican, priest, manipulator, puppet:  when you approach even your instructions concerning My Holy Son of Fire to seek against him, know:  it is not him that is subject to your authority, but you who are subject to My Authority!  And howsoever he shall do unto you, I therewith approve:  and though he only think against you unto me [Beware the Curse of Aku, the Curse of The Akurians!], I will burn you, I will burn all your ancestors unto the third and fourth generation before you, I will burn all your descendants after you forever, I will burn all who have known you, and I will burn all your fellows, and I will burn all your fellows ancestors as I will burn yours, and I will burn all your fellow's descendants as I will burn yours, and I will burn all who have known your fellows, even as I will burn you:  and all in accordance with My Holy Law which changes not, and none of you shall escape My Wrath!
1805      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he is Mine, and Mine alone!  Therefore, when you approach even unto My Holy Service, come with open and pure heart, seeking My Knowledge and My Truth and My Righteousness:  and he shall instruct unto you!  But think not that he is your sole and exclusive dominion and domain; neither suppose that you are more important than anyone or any other thing I have placed upon him; neither come thinking that he is obligated unto you in any manner, for he is not; neither consider yourself to have authority to question anything of My Beloved that you have no intention of applying unto your own soul unto its perfection, for all such is an unnecessary burden, and I will burn you!
1806      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he is a man of hard discipline, hard discipline of mind, hard discipline of spirit, hard discipline of body, and hard discipline of his very soul!  And all that from hard experience.  But the foolish are weak, resisting nothing they think a pleasure, partaking of all manner of vile and evil things in their ignorance!  Therefore, know:  that I account honorable discipline as pure Righteousness, which it truly is!  Therefore, were there no other qualifications than honorable discipline for to hold My Holy Office of My Righteous Appointment, My Beloved Son of Fire would still be My Holy King over the whole world in my stead in this vile and blood-polluted [racemixed] generation, and by earned right!  Yea!  and to all who will not take these disciplines of life upon themselves and make them the standard of conduct in their generations after them, to follow My Holy General of Generals wheresoever he may go, and to go wheresoever My Holy Chieftain shall send them, I will burn!
1807      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he is Righteous before me in all his ways, and there is neither sin nor spiritual fault in him, for he is Mine of his own free will and hard honorable service!  But the foolish will cling to supremacists, socialists, communists, fascists, marxists, liberals, false prophets, phony psychics, preachers and other liars, and all the ages-old Doctrines of Death, rather than stand at the side of My Only Anointed Witness or learn at his feet.  Oh, fools?  How long shall I listen to your lying insistences that you would not have rejected My Son Immanuel had you been alive in Judea in those days?; yet you support the Romans and High Priests [Sanhedrin] who murdered him and defame My Own Holy Son of Fire who sits in the same Throne of Righteous Power and Holy Authority and in the same Holy Office of Righteousness as did My Beloved Immanuel!  Yea!  To all who in any manner whatsoever support that Great Murdering Harlot of Babylon at Rome and any of her harlot and whoring daughters [Christian churches and religions], I will burn!
1808      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for of all living men, into his hands alone are both the Righteous Power and Holy Authority to forgive all sins committed against me, even unto forgiveness of all things for which a soul cannot forgive itself!  Excepting only that which is unforgivable before me, does he have all power and all authority to forgive!  And even that which is unforgivable before me, he does have both the Righteous Power and Holy Authority to petition me on the sinner's behalf and I shall consider all his petitions!  And there is none other who has such Righteous Power and Holy Authority of me!
1809      ""Therefore, is My Holy One of Israel, My Living Hope of Ishmael, even My Son of Fire, hated of all the churches, and all the religions, and all the self-righteous!  for they have no such power and they have no such authority before me!  Nay!  neither any of Israel, nor any of Ishmael, nor any of the Gentiles, nor any of the Tribes, nor any of the Peoples, have such authority before me!  Therefore, be not deceived:  forgiveness of sins is not of 'confession to the priests', neither of the (self-hypnotic) deception of 'salvation', neither of 'accepting gee-sus' (Again, The Most High mocked the name!) in any manner whatsoever; but only of My Holy Son of Fire alive among you!  Beware, that you die not with your sins upon you, neither let death catch you with the Curse of Aku upon you.  Therefore, into the hands of My Beloved Son of Fire alone shall you deliver My First Tenth (tithe) and your sin offering and your repentance:  for he alone has both Righteous Power and Holy Authority to sanctify thereof and to petition on your behalf before me!  Yea!  For My Holy Son of Fire alone has All Righteous Power and All Holy Authority to permit or to deny all things before me.  Yea!  to all who shall die, even 'in Christ', with their sins upon them, will I burn!
1810      ""My Holy King of Kings, Lord of Lords El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH is not as all others, even My Very Angels of My Own Presence, would have him be:  for he alone has Righteous Power and Holy Authority to teach in My Name, to Judge in My Holy Law, to Bless and to Curse and I accomplish it!  Therefore, sew shut your mouth lest you speak an evil in ignorance, and I burn you! Hear his instruction while he is yet quiet, for if he resort to loudness, you are judged against, and I will burn you!  Seek his approval by your due and righteous service:  for this is your reasonable duty; and provoke him not, for that which he speaks of you shall not perish until it all be fulfilled upon you and all your generations after you!  And when you are learned at his feet, and he has sent you forth, then teach all that he has given you.  And beware:  defile or betray him, His Holy Office, his words, his deeds, or his instruction in any manner, and I will burn you and all your unrighteous generations after you!
1811      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach with a pure heart and an open mind:  for if you are of deceit, I will know it, and I will burn you!
1812      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach with a pure intent and an open obligation:  for if you cannot abide My Truth from My Holy One among you, I will burn you!
1813      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach with a pure honor and an open discipline:  for if you are not to be one of Refuge, you are not excused from being one of service!  For in That Day there shall be a full accounting and I shall account unto those of service a full measure of righteousness; and I shall account unto all those of detriment a full measure of burning!
1814      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach with pure respect and open fear:  for I hear each and every thing that approaches his ears and I see each and every thing that approaches his eyes.  Therefore, if you will face toward him wherever he may be, and speak unto me I will hear you though you be far from him; and if you are Righteous Before Me, I will consider your petition!  Nay, I am sad of heart that I have long ago ceased to hear even one word of supplication from Jerusalem (which includes the Wailing Wall) or from Mecca and from all the other high places!  Yea, since the day of their complete defilement of My Holy Law (about 1,000 A.D.) given by My Own Holy Anointeds have I turned a deaf ear, and I hear them not.  Yea, for when you approach unto My Beloved Son of Righteousness and Rescue of My Holy Elect Remnant, you approach not a man of flesh and blood as much as you approach me:  and I am The Most Holy One!  Yea, you can approach My Son of Fire in perfect safety from My Presence which would destroy you, but you cannot approach My Anointed Witness in perfect safety from My Wrath if you profane his presence with your approach!  Therefore, approach him not to stand at a distance and speak constantly that he might hear you in his own ears; for such is a desecration of My Holy Purposes, and I will burn all who so defame.  Yea, know that I am not limited by time or space, Realm nor Dimension, and to me an infinite reach is nothing:  therefore, beware!  lest your superiority destroy you!""

1815      [INSERT:  All may approach to speak directly to The Anointed as he will permit, and on his schedule only; but he will not tolerate a crowd to be constantly near, especially if they are speaking softly or shouting makes no difference to be heard of The Most High through his ears!  If you want The Most High to hear you under such conditions, then face toward The Anointed wherever he may be (currently 2004, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA) as close as you can direct from wherever you are, and offer your petition aloud.  If you are Righteous Before The Most High you will be heard and considered.  Just don't try this in close proximity without The Anointed's permission unless you damned well want to burn.
1816      The same process was Ordained for those distant from the Temple at Jerusalem and is the same practice of facing toward the Holy City of Mecca by the Muslims.  In this instance it just happens to be a living human who is The Anointed of God!  For as long as The Anointed lives, this shall be the procedure.  After The Anointed dies his ashes will be scattered by The Chosen from among The Proven Knowers that there be no continuance of him as a Holy Relic, nor any grave or other site, birthplace, where he was raised, et cetera, to perpetuate the practice.  They are but places, the buildings long removed, and have no additional spiritual value whatsoever because The Anointed was there.  DO NOT attempt to sanctify or promote these places, unless you want the wrath of The Anointed to direct The Wrath of The Most High upon you and your Generations after you forever!
1817      The Anointed has petitioned for a restitution of The Most High to hear all prayers and supplications directed to Him by facing the once-holy City of Jerusalem or the once-holy City of Mecca; and has received promise of such restoration only for the City of Jerusalem when all these things are fulfilled.  As for the City of Mecca:  for howsoever long the atrocities and abominations continue even the aftereffects of suicide bombings killing innocent people will last there will be no such restitution!
1818      The Most High has clearly said, cold-blooded murder of innocents 'in the name of god' is NOT righteousness!  The Most High has granted that should all of Islam recognize El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH as The Holy One of Ishmael while he yet lives, the City of Mecca will become the Great Library of all Righteousness and the greatest City of Learning upon the earth.  Beelzebub has already guaranteed the failure of THAT provision simply because the decision is also dependent upon those fanatic psychopaths who murder innocents in the name of 'religion' and are glorified and supported by the masses for committing such atrocities!  Woe be to Islam in That Day because of that failure.]

1819      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach knowing that he is My Own and Only Anointed Authority in all the earth whereupon you live:  approach knowing that I testify only of him in my service, and there is none else of My Testimony.  Approach knowing that I welcome you to repent that I ignore the sins of all your fathers and your mothers before you; and I will welcome you to save you and all your generations after you.  Approach knowing that My Son of Fire neither needs, nor will he consider, your approval of him concerning anything, for he has my approval in all things:  Yea!  for he is of me, alone!  Therefore, beware, lest I burn you!
1820      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach with all discipline and courtesy, for I will not ignore your disrespect for My Holy Office, neither will I excuse the silliness of your children!  For if your children are not of good discipline, they shall Die the Death with the heathen, and the 'christian' and with Accursed Canaan!  And if you are an offense unto me, how shall you escape That Great Judgment?  Yea, how shall you survive the Days of Holocaust and the Years of Tribulation; or your current Legislated Enslavement, which even now sucks the very life blood out of you and out of the whole world?
1821      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach with all honor and humility, for you are in the presence of him who has Righteous Power and Holy Authority to approach My Very Presence in The Very Highest, even as the Great Seraphim who worship before me continuously!  Have you not read the perfect scripts (Zadokite Document and other such writings) wherein I told this very thing?  Read therefore, for it is of Mine Own Anointeds that it is written.
1822      ""And be comforted!  For My Beloved Son of Fire is not sent to destroy the world, nor any honorable soul, but to teach the ways of My Righteousness; to testify unto me in That Great Judgment of all things of this vile, corrupt and blood-polluted generation; and to gather and preserve My Holy Promised Elect Remnant against the Days of My Fury and against the Years of My Vengeance!  Yea!  Be comforted!  And rejoice greatly!  For the Redeemer of the Righteous is alive among you, exactly as I promised ages ago!
1823      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach knowing the man whose presence you seek is The Most Holy Man of God!  And his presence is as near as you may approach unto me until The Restoration!  Permit neither the self-righteous, nor the vile, nor the profane, nor the undisciplined to accompany you, for I will not tolerate either filth or desecration in My Presence!  Hear what he speaks in a gentle voice, for if he is angered unto loudness:  all he speaks comes forth in Full Authority of My Own Curse!  For though he be a man of flesh and blood:  I see through his eyes, and I hear through his ears, and I feel through his touch, and I smell through his nose, and I taste through his tongue, and I speak through his mouth, and I greet with his hands, and I walk in his boots and I fly in his spirit:  for he is of me and I am not like any other!  Therefore, be comforted, and rejoice greatly!  For he is not me!  And I am not him!  For he is My Holy Servant and I am his only God!  Yea!  Rejoice exceedingly!  For the Holy Witness of the True and Living God is alive among you, and I have called him by My Own Name!
1824      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach in great joy and gladness, for the Redemption of the Righteous is in his hand!  Yea!  It is even now accomplished!  For I sent El Aku not to convert the world, neither to concern his soul with the vile and the profane, but to gather and prepare unto me My Holy Remnant, even a very few!  Yea!  I have heard the cries of the Holy Saints, saying, "How long, Oh, Lord?"  And their prayers are now soon to be answered in the fullness of My Holy and Unalterable Promise!  Yea!  I have heard the lies of the disgusting, saying, "We are the elect, we are the witnesses!"  And their lies shall I not forgive because of the many lost souls who have followed them!  For one is My Witness, even him of My Own Testimony, even El Aku ALIHA ASUR HIGH, and of him alone is My Righteousness and are My Promises fulfilled; for he has delivered My Disciplines unto My Holy Proven Knowers and they are sound advice and Right Judges before me.
1825      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach in great relief and great comfort:  for he is the fulfillment of Israel and the promise of Ishmael and the Living Hope of The Restoration and the Living Hope of the whole world!  For in The Restoration each soul shall grow in righteousness and in spirit to know My Very Presence, to freely enter into and freely return from all the Planes of Heaven, even unto before My Very Throne!  Yea!  Approach My Holy Son of Fire in sure and certain knowledge that I am not dead, but alive, and that I have not abandoned the seed of Abraham!  Yea!  In My Holy Son of Fire I have not abandoned Israel or Ishmael.
1826      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach not at all if you have delivered My Holy Due unto any other, for such is a profanity unto me; and approach not if you have not delivered My Holy Due unto My Holy One whom you seek, for such is righteousness unto me.  For he alone has Righteous Power and Holy Authority to Bless the tithe that it be sanctified in My Sight, and he shall not bless if the tithe be in any other possession!  Nay!  For him to bless a tithe not in My Own House would be a vile desecration and a sore offense unto me:  and he will not!  Therefore, though you tithe unto him from afar, such is an approach:  seek first his forgiveness for your previous offenses, for he has all power and all authority of his office to forgive all forgivable sins against me and to petition for all unforgivable sins before me, and then deliver unto his hand My Holy Due that it be sanctified in My Sight!
1827      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach not for him to serve you:  for it is you who must serve him!  For he alone is My Supreme Commander in all the earth and his hosts alone shall prevail for The Elect!  But all are not warriors, neither farmers, nor physicians, but all are short of My Righteousness and lacking of My Disciplines!  Therefore, at whatsoever you shall apply yourself that you have living for you and your little ones, there shall you be an example unto all others around you that I be made known unto them, and My Holy Son of Fire shall have provision for My Promised Elect.  For it is not unto you to Judge who will or who will not be counted of My Holy Remnant, but for My Holy Son of Fire only.  Yea!  He has need of warriors, and farmers, and physicians, and engineers, and scientists, and educators, and seamen, and airmen, and electricians, and builders, and all other manner of workmen (and workwomen) who produce.  Therefore, you shall serve him, and he shall serve me, and thus shall your service unto me be acceptable and sanctified.
1828      ""Therefore, when you approach unto My Holy King of Kings over you, approach knowing that I am there among you, and rejoice in the knowledge that I alone have ordained all these things.
1829      ""Of My Beloved I have testified, identifying him by his own name, attending in Holy Testimony of him at The Proof of His Anointing, and there shall all things stand:
1830      ""I have not spoken these things in vain;
1831      ""So they are written, so they are done.""

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